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Cover of Volume 6

Volume 6: Homecoming is the sixth and final volume of the 28 Days Later comic series, preceded by Volume 5: Ghost Town. It contains Issues 21 to 24, and focuses upon Clint and Selena's struggle to readjust to normal life after reaching London.


Issue 21

Dog takes Clint and Selena to District 1, which is being repopulated by NATO with British refugees under American supervision. There, Clint and Selena quickly fall in love, and begin to settle into a quiet, peaceful life. Clint also befriends fellow residents Charles and his wife Janice, and contacts his editor, Eliott, in America to tell him that he is alive and wants Eliott to begin printing his story as soon as he and Selena get to New York. One morning, Selena sneaks out of the green zone and across London to her and David's old home.

Issue 22

Back in District 1, when Clint hears that the military have captured the people that have snuck out of the green zone, he fears that Selena is among them, until he discovers that it is only Tammy, Andy and Alice Harris from 28 Weeks Later. After entering her old London home for the first time since the original outbreak, Selena has another flashback. It is revealed that during the initial outbreak, when London was attacked by the Infected, David was infected and attacked Selena, forcing her to kill him. Kirk then arrived and gave Selena his machete, which she now wields today.

After burying David's decomposed corpse, along with the necklace and earrings he gave her, Selena sets their old home on fire and has another flashback to before the outbreak. In this one, while David and Selena are making love, David confesses that should he die before Selena, he will not care if she falls in love with someone else after.

Issue 23

Back in District 1, the Second Outbreak of the Rage Virus occurs, and civilians, including Clint, are herded into and locked in the safe rooms. When the Infected break into the safe room Clint is in and begin massacring and infecting the uninfected crowds, Clint escapes into the streets, and meets up with Charles and a wounded Janice. Janice is shot and killed by a sniper when Step Three of Code Red is executed, and Charles, heartbroken, allows the Infected to kill him while Clint escapes. Selena returns to District 1 in time to save Clint from an Infected, and the two reunite. When District 1 is firebombed, the two survive by hiding in the Thames when the Air Cavalry arrives.

Issue 24

Clint and Selena escape into the ruins of London, and hold up in a deserted high-rise building while the US Army vents chemical gas into the streets. Once the gas has cleared, Clint and Selena escape down the Thames in a military motorboat, and travel in the boat across the English Channel to France. They stay in Paris for a couple of days, and Selena lets go of her machete so she can finally move on from everything she went through in Britain. Clint and Selena then leave on a plane for New York, and as the plane takes off, the Infection appears in Paris on the ground.