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[[Image:Gangwar.jpg|thumb|260px|Cover of Volume 4]]'''Volume 4: Gangwar''' is the fourth volume of the [[28 Days Later (comic series)|''28 Days Later'' comic series]], preceded by [[Volume 3: Hot Zone]], and followed by [[Volume 5: Ghost Town]]. It contains Issues 13 to 16, and focuses upon [[Clint]] and [[Selena]] after they are captured by a band of survivors under tyrannical rule.
[[Image:Gangwar.jpg|thumb|260px|Cover of Volume 4.]]'''Volume 4: Gangwar''' is the fourth volume of the [[28 Days Later (comic series)|''28 Days Later'' comic series]], containing [[Issue 13]] to [[Issue 16|16]]. It contains the arc of the comic series focusing upon [[Clint]] and [[Selena]]'s encounter with the [[Edinburgh]] survivors and their tyrannical rule.
===Issue 13===
*[[Issue 13]]
*[[Issue 14]]
After escaping the Black Ops camp, Selena, Clint and Derrick abandon the Humvee (as it has a flat tire), and take an abandoned sportscar with which to get to London faster. On the way, the trio lose the sportscar when it falls down a collapsed part of a bridge, and continue on foot. They reach [[Inverness]] and decide to commandeer a train from there on their journey to London, but find that the train is swarming with Infected. The trio lock themselves from the Infected in the driving car, and Derrick reveals that one of them will have to stay behind in the passenger carts with the Infected to separate the carts from the driving cart.
===Issue 14===
*[[Issue 15]]
*[[Issue 16]]
Despite Clint's pleas, Derrick sacrifices himself separating the passenger cars the Infected are in from the driver car, leaving Clint devastated. After the train reaches [[Edinburgh]], Clint and Selena mourn Derrick at a deserted [[Guildcrest Tavern|tavern]], before continuing to travel by foot through the dilapidated streets of Edinburgh. In the streets, the duo are ambushed by two survivors, [[Paul]] and [[Angus]], but they are able to overpower and escape them.
===Issue 15===
In the countryside between Inverness and Edinburgh, Captain Stiles fires on the carriages that were separated from the train Clint, Selena and Derrick commandeered. After inspecting the carriages and finding Derrick's remains among the dead Infected, Stiles sets off in search of the remaining two. Back in Edinburgh, Clint and Selena are chased and captured by the survivors of Edinburgh, led by [[Raj]]. Raj explains that they have food and electricity in Edinburgh, but are under the tyrannical rule of "the King", and are at constant war with [[Glasgow]] over resources.
Raj takes Clint and Selena to see King [[Dixon]], and his queen, [[Minnie]], the tyrannical rulers of the "Kingdom of Edinburgh". Dixon and Minnie take Clint and Selena's vitamins and one of their guns, and Selena's earrings, to pay for the alcohol the two drank at the tavern. As punishment for breaking Paul's arm, Dixon then has Selena put in the "Mannequin" for the night (in which Selena will be put in a cage in the streets for the night, surrounded by Infected, and must stay exactly in the centre of the cage in order to stay out of the reach of the Infected through the bars).
===Issue 16===
In the Mannequin, Selena has a hallucination of David, Douglas and Derrick, as well as Mark, Frank, and Clint's deceased team. She wants to just let her life end and be with David, but the hallucination of David convinces her to stay alive. Meanwhile, Raj visits Clint, and asks where he and Selena came from. Clint explains that he is an American journalist who is covering a story about the Rage Virus, and also reveals that the rest of the world outside of Great Britain is continuing normally.
Edinburgh then comes under attack by Glaswegians who free Selena, and a fight ensues. After taking her earrings back from Minnie, Selena reunites with Clint and flees Edinburgh in a stolen car with him, leaving the peoples of Edinburgh and Glasgow to fight to the death.
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Cover of Volume 4.

Volume 4: Gangwar is the fourth volume of the 28 Days Later comic series, containing Issue 13 to 16. It contains the arc of the comic series focusing upon Clint and Selena's encounter with the Edinburgh survivors and their tyrannical rule.


  • Issue 13
  • Issue 14
  • Issue 15
  • Issue 16