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The Mannequin is means of punishment that was used in Edinburgh following the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus. It consists of a large, metal cage located in the streets of Edinburgh, which is designed so that only the very centre is out of reach of Infected reaching through the bars. An individual that Dixon felt had committed a crime against Edinburgh would be placed for one night in the Mannequin, and would be forced to spend it standing completely still at the centre of the cage, if they were to avoid being grabbed and killed by the Infected roaming the streets of Edinburgh at night.

When Selena and Clint Harris came to Edinburgh, Dixon had Selena put in the Mannequin for the night as punishment for breaking Paul's arm. But during the night, a gang of Glaswegians came, and lured the Infected away from the Mannequin and then freed Selena, after mistaking her for Stephen. (28 Days Later (comic series))

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