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Appearance(s): 28 Days Later (comic series)
Type: Town
Location: Shetland Islands
Filming location: N/A

Sumburgh is a small settlement in the Shetland Islands, Scotland. Sumburgh is located at the south end of Mainland on Sumburgh Head. Sumburgh Airport is just outside the village. There are about 100 people in Sumburgh.

In 28 Days Later[]

Two months or less after the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus in mainland Great Britain, the Infection spread to the Shetland Islands, and Sumburgh was infected.

28 Days Later (comic series)[]

An illegal expedition into quarantined Britain including Selena and Clint Harris fled to Sumburgh, and barricaded themselves in a pub there from the Infected. When Hirsch was infected and killed, and Infected attacked the pub, the group fled to Sumburgh's port from the Infected, and escaped aboard Harlan's boat to mainland Scotland.