Selena's machete is a machete that Selena wielded as her own personal weapon in Great Britain during the Rage pandemic.

The machete originally belonged to Selena's neighbour Kirk as one of his garden tools, but during the Original Outbreak of Infection, Kirk gave the machete to Selena as a weapon against the Infected. (28 Days Later (comic series)) Selena used the machete as her personal weapon against her enemies in Britain after the outbreak, (28 Days Later (film)) and kept it with her at the Bergen Refugee Camp after escaping infected Britain. (28 Days Later (comic series))

On Selena's journey through Britain to London with Clint Harris, she took her machete with her on the journey. Selena subsequently took the machete to France with her and Clint after they escaped the Second Outbreak of the Rage Virus in London; and there, Selena chose to leave her machete behind in Paris, to signify that she was moving on from what she went through in infected Britain. (28 Days Later (comic series))

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