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Portrayed by: Naomie Harris
Appearance(s): 28 Days Later (film)
28 Days Later (comic series)
Profession: Chemist
Nationality: British (English)
Category: Uninfected
Status: Alive
Cause of death:

Selena is a survivor of the Rage Virus after it originally decimated Great Britain. She is the widow of the late David, and the love interest of Jim and later Clint Harris. She is also one of the Manchester Three.



Selena lived in London all her life, and was married to David, who treated her with warmth, love and respect. She also worked as a chemist in London at a local chemist's shop, and was good friends with fellow employee Jessica.


During the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus, when the streets of London were attacked by the Infected, Selena rushed home to find David packing their belongings so they could leave the country. Just then, an infected man broke into the house and attacked and bit David.

David killed the Infected, leaving Selena horrified, but was then overwhelmed by the Infection and attacked Selena, forcing her to kill the infected David by impaling him to the wall on a pole. Selena's neighbour, Kirk, then arrived and gave Selena his machete with which to protect herself. He then told Selena to try and survive, like David would want her to.


Selena kills her infected husband.

At some point, Selena's mother and father were infected, which forced her to kill them to save her brother, only to then find that he too was infected.[1] The fates of her family led Selena to develop a cold, steely outlook, and to believe that staying alive "is as good as it gets".

At some point after the exodus of Britain, Selena met and joined with fellow survivor Mark, and the two made it their mission to fight the Infected.

28 Days Later (film)

On Day 28 of the outbreak, Selena and Mark came across Jim being chased through the streets of London by Infected, and saved him from the Infected by slowing them down with molotov cocktails and then blowing up a nearby fuel station. Mark and Selena then took Jim back to their hideout in a sweetshop in the London Underground; where they learned that Jim had up to this point been in a coma throughout the outbreak, and Selena then explained the outbreak of the Rage Virus to Jim. Jim wanted to reach his parents' home in Deptford to make sure they were alright, but Selena warned him that would most likely be dead and warned Jim not to go out until morning.

The next day, Selena, Mark and Jim travelled across London to Deptford, to find Jim's parents had committed suicide during the outbreak. Selena tried to convince Jim that he should have been grateful that his parents died a peaceful death, considering the alternative, and she then decided that the trio would rest at Jim's parents' house for the night, as they would be unable to return to their hideout before nightfall. Later that night, when the infected Mr. Bridges and his daughter attacked the house, Selena saved Jim from Bridges, and she and Mark killed the two Infected. Selena made sure that Jim hadn't been infected, but then saw that Mark had been injured by the Infected and immediately hacked him to death with her machete.


Selena after killing Mark.

Selena and Jim then fled the house and returned across London to the city centre. Selena warned Jim of the rules of survival against the Rage Virus in post-outbreak Britain, and that if Jim were ever infected then the former would kill him without hesitation. The duo then noticed flashing lights in an apartment building, and went into the building to investigate. There, Jim and Selena were chased up the stairway by two Infected, until they came across Frank, who directed them to his and Hannah's flat before fending the Infected off. Frank warmly welcomed Selena and Jim and allowed them to stay with the former and Hannah at their apartment; but regardless of their aid and kindness, Selena feared that Frank and Hannah would slow the group down, and believed that Jim's selflessness and devotion to his friends would get him killed.

The next day, the group decided that they had to leave the apartment as resources were dwindling, and Frank decided to follow a military radio broadcast from Manchester to the Forty-Second Blockade northeast of the city. Selena was skeptical that the soldiers were still alive and had found a solution to the Rage epidemic, but she and the group still decided to travel from London to Manchester regardless. Selena, Jim, Frank and Hannah drove in Frank's taxi, and on the journey to Manchester, they narrowly escaped from a horde of Infected in a tunnel beneath the Thames, raided a supermarket, and stopped at an abandoned burger shack for petrol, before stopping for the night at an old castle ruin in the countryside.


Selena admits that she was wrong about self-preservation being "as good as it gets."

Selena began to open up to the rest of the group and bond with them over the course of the journey, and to realise that self-preservation wasn't "as good as it gets." While talking with Jim about the post-outbreak world, Selena admitted to him that she was wrong about her previous, steely resolve's beliefs, and began to grow attracted to Jim and stole a brief kiss from him. The next day, Selena and the group resumed their journey to Manchester and reached the Forty-Second Blockade, only to find the blockade abandoned and destroyed and Manchester in flames. Before the group could leave, Frank accidentally became infected; Selena screamed at Jim to kill Frank as the latter succumbed to the Infection, until several surviving soldiers arrived and shot and killed the infected Frank.

Selena, Jim and Hannah were subsequently taken back to the soldiers to the fortified Worsley House in the woods, and were allowed by the soldiers' commander, Major Henry West, to take sanctuary with them there. At the Worsley House, Selena tried to comfort the grieving Hannah, and the former herself began to lose hope. Jim tried to convince Selena that they would be alright, and the two kissed, having fallen in love, but Selena recoiled and left the room. The following night, after Jim discovered that Major West intended to force Hannah and Selena into sexual slavery, he tried to escape the Worsley House with Selena and Hannah, but they were intercepted by the soldiers and taken hostage.

The next day, the men began to force Selena and Hannah into red dresses to appease the soldiers, but Selena managed to convince Clifton to let her and Hannah dress alone long enough for Selena to drug Hannah with sleeping pills (to make the experience less traumatic for Hannah). The following night, when the soldiers were about to force Hannah and Selena into sexual servitude, the infected Mailer attacked the Worsley House, allowing Selena and Hannah to try and escape. However, the two were recaptured by Mitchell and Bedford, with Mitchell leading the two women upstairs, where they were separated from Hannah.


Selena watches Jim kill Mitchell.

Mitchell dragged Selena through the house with him until the two were temporarily safe from the rampaging Infected. When Mitchell began to sexually and vulgarly taunt Selena, Jim suddenly arrived and saved Selena from Mitchell, brutally beating the latter to death. Believing Jim was infected, a shaken Selena grabbed her machete and tried to kill Jim with it, but hesitated mid-blow; Selena then saw that Jim wasn't infected, and the two embraced and kissed before Hannah reunited with them. The trio then set about escaping from the overrun Worsley House, and returned to Frank's taxi in the grounds, where Major West shot Jim before being attacked and dragged off by the infected Mailer.

Selena, Jim and Hannah then fled the Worsley House in Frank's taxi, and took a dying Jim to an abandoned hospital, where Selena managed to recuperate him. The trio subsequently took refuge at a remote cottage in Cumbria. Twenty-eight days after escaping the Worsley House, Selena sewed fabric and pieces of cloth together to form several massive pieces (spelling out 'hello') to get the trio's presence noticed by passing foreign aircraft. Shortly after Jim recovered, Selena finished the last piece, and the trio laid it out with the others in the field as a Finnish jet flew by overhead. The jet subsequently ordered a helicopter be sent to rescue Jim, Selena and Hannah.

her whereabouts and unknown more we have more we have an alternate ending for selena.

28 Days Later (comic series)

Jim, Selena and Hannah were subsequently rescued and taken to France. After Jim was arrested for the deaths of Major West and his men, Selena and Hannah were released and Selena was sent to the Bergen Refugee Camp in Norway. There, the fates of Selena's friends led her to revert to her cold, steely, insensitive resolve, and she became a secluded resident at the camp who was feared by refugee children.

One day approximately a month or less after escaping Britain, Clint Harris visited Selena; Clint explained that he and his team were going on an illegal expedition through quarantined Britain to London, and that he wanted Selena to come with them as a guide, due to her expertise as a survivor of the Rage Virus epidemic. Selena initially refused, but then remembered her old, happy life with David before the outbreak, and decided to go with Clint's team after all.


Selena embarks on her return to Britain.

Selena met up with Clint at his helicopter, and he introduced her to his team; Selena and Clint's cameraman Derrick took an instant dislike to each other. On their journey, Clint explained to Selena that he planned to land in Sumburgh on the Shetland Islands, travel by boat to mainland Scotland, and make their way from there to London across the infected country. During the journey to Britain, the American military patrolling Britain's airspace shot at the team's helicopter. They were forced to land on the Shetland Islands nine miles from Sumburgh, and Selena realised that the Infection had recently spread to the Islands, when two Infected attacked Hirsch before Selena killed them.

The group first took refuge in a hotel, then decided to try and escape using a vehicle in the hotel's car park. Selena and Derrick went out into the car park, which was swarming with Infected, and Selena held the Infected off while Derrick hotwired a van. Selena and the group escaped in the van to Sumburgh and barricaded themselves in a pub from the Infected; and Selena and Derrick sorted out their differences and bet their items in a game of Texas Hold'em Poker. When Hirsch was infected, Selena killed him, devastating Trina, before rallying the group against an attack by more Infected. When the predicted attack by the Infected came, Selena and the group attempted to fend them off until their boat arrived. However, during the chaos, Trina bit Selena to try and frame her as an Infected, causing Selena to confront her and prove Trina to be responsible.


Selena kills Hirsch.

Selena and the group headed down to the port and escaped the Shetland Islands aboard a boat and head for mainland Scotland. On the way, an American plane blew up the boat, killing everyone but Selena, Clint, and a blinded Derrick, who swam onto the shores of Scotland and set up camp their. Selena wanted to euthanise Derrick, as he would slow them down due to his blindness, but Clint refused to allow Selena to do it.

The next morning, the trio were attacked and chased by two Infected, until Selena killed them. They then took cover in a rural Scottish house, where Derrick suddenly fell sick from an infection in his wounds. Clint and Selena tried to hold the fever off with cold medicine, and Selena tried again to convince Clint that they should kill Derrick; but Clint refused again. The next day, Selena, Clint and Derrick travelled into a nearby village, and found a pickup truck with which to travel to Halkirk to find Derrick antibiotics for his wounds. However, Clint was unable to hotwire the truck, so when a storm came, the trio spent the night in the back of the van. A horde of Infected came that night, attacking and wrecking the van, but failed to find the trio.

The next morning, Clint hotwired the van successfully, and he, Selena and Derrick continued on their journey to Halkirk. But while they were driving towards Halkirk, three armed survivors stopped them; and after Selena violently confirmed that she was not infected (by headbutting Gordon and taking his shotgun), she and Clint requested help from the group for Derrick. Gordon took them to the house of their leader, Kate, where Clint was able to convince her to take care of Derrick while Clint and Selena went to Halkirk. Clint and a reluctant Selena then left Derrick with Kate's group and set off on foot towards Halkirk. Selena was angry at Clint for leaving Derrick and the trio's weapons with Kate's ruthless group of survivors, but Clint tried to justify it.


Selena and Clint discuss continuing to London.

When Clint and Selena arrived in Halkirk, Selena immediately suspected that they had been tricked. They entered the building which Kate had described as the local chemist's, and found Kate's son, Douglas, there. Selena realised that Kate had used her and Clint to rescue her son from Halkirk, and was furious but was ordered over Douglas' radio by Kate to return Douglas to her in exchange for Derrick. Shortly after, night fell and hordes of Infected attacked the building. Selena, Clint and Douglas fled up a collapsing catwalk from the pursuing Infected, and avoided the Infected in the streets by jumping from rooftop to rooftop to the real chemist's. The trio took what they needed for Derrick's wounds from the chemist's, then left Halkirk, escaping the pursuing Infected by swimming across a river.

Clint and Selena returned to Kate's house with Douglas, and gave Derrick the antibiotics he needed for his injuries. After Derrick recovered the next day, the trio prepared to leave and resume their journey to London. Douglas tried to convince Selena to let him come with her, Clint and Derrick, but Selena refused and told Douglas to stay with his mother. As Selena, Clint and Derrick left Kate's house, Douglas went off into the wilderness on his own, forcing a reluctant Selena to let Douglas come with them. Shortly afterwards, Selena realised that the group were being hunted when they narrowly avoided a CIA squad led by Captain Stiles which was searching for Selena. When the squad found and disables the group's car to slow them down, Selena, Clint, Derrick and Douglas were forced to continue on foot. They also noticed a squad of American Black Ops soldiers, and avoided being found by them by hiding in a quarantine dump of dead Infected.

As dusk closed in, Selena, Clint and Derrick found an abandoned hut in the woods, and after Selena cut down and dumped the corpse of the original owner, the group decided to sleep there for the night. That night, one of the Black Ops soldiers, Al, arrived in search of Infected to capture and bring back to base, before leaving with a captive Infected. A forest fire then started, and Selena, Clint, Douglas and Derrick were forced to flee into the woods both from the fire, and from the Infected fleeing the flames. Selena held the Infected off while Clint, Derrick and Douglas tried to flee, and just as the Infected were about to overwhelm Selena, Al and a squad of the Black Ops soldiers arrived and tased the Infected. The soldiers acted with open hostility towards Selena and her group, and the group were forced to choose between staying to die in the fire, or coming with the soldiers. They chose the latter option, and the soldiers confiscated Selena's machete and took them back to their camp.


Selena fights off the Infected fleeing the fire.

At the Black Ops camp, Dr. Billingsworth took a blood sample from Selena to determine whether or not she was a Carrier, and made a snide remark to Selena, causing her to break Billingsworth's nose. The soldier guarding Selena then knocked her out and put her back in detainment with Clint, Douglas and Derrick. Shortly after Selena woke up, the soldiers returned and took her back to see Dr. Billingsworth. The soldiers restrained Selena as Billingsworth prepared to inject Selena with the Rage Virus as an experiment, when Al lets slip what Selena's name is. Realising that she was the woman that Captain Stiles was after, Billingsworth was forced to spare Selena and brought Douglas in instead; infecting Douglas with the Rage Virus and forcing a horrified Selena to watch as Douglas was overwhelmed by the Infection. Selena was then put back in detainment with Clint and Derrick, where she first broke down, then regained her composure and informed Clint and Derrick of what the Black Ops personnel were doing.

The trio decided to try and escape the camp, and when a soldier arrived to take Clint and Derrick to Billingsworth, Selena and Clint restrained him while Derrick shot and killed him. While Clint and Derrick fled the camp, Selena returned to Billingsworth's lab. She apologised to the infected Douglas for his fate, before killing him by slitting his throat. She then took revenge on Billingsworth for infecting Douglas, by splashing Douglas's blood in his and Al's eyes, infecting them both. Selena then shot and killed Al and took her machete back from his corpse, while Billingsworth began to succumb to the Rage Virus.


Selena watches as Douglas is infected.

Billingsworth begged Selena to kill him as the Infection overwhelmed him, but a vengeful Selena coldly refused and left the infected Billingsworth trapped in the lab to rage and die. She then met up with Clint and Derrick and released the Black Ops personnel's captive Infected to slaughter the remaining personnel. The trio escaped to the edge of the camp in a Humvee, and Selena watched without hatred and vengeance as the Black Ops men were slaughtered by the fire and Infected. Afterwards, Selena, Derrick and Clint attempted to continue their journey in the Humvee, but were forced to abandon it due to a flattened tire. The trio subsequently found and took an abandoned sportscar with which to continue to London; but while the group were driving south, the car fell down a collapsed part of a bridge, with Selena, Clint and Derrick narrowly getting out of the car in time.

The trio subsequently continued south on foot, eventually arriving in Inverness and stopping at an abandoned local shop for food and supplies. Afterwards, Selena and the group decided to commandeer a train from Inverness' station further south, and the trio found and entered an abandoned train, which Clint and Derrick activated. While searching the rest of the train, Selena found that it was swarming with Infected, forcing her, Derrick and Clint to lock themselves in the front two train carts from the Infected. When the Infected began to break into the front carts, the trio decided that one of them would have to stay behind with the Infected in the passenger cart, to decouple it from the driver cart the other two would be in; and Derrick chose to be the one to stay behind to save Clint and Selena from the Infected, sacrificing himself in the process.

The train later arrived at Edinburgh, and Selena carved 'farewell, all joys' into the train's wall before abandoning the train and heading into Edinburgh with Clint. The two mourned Derrick at the abandoned Guildcrest Tavern, before continuing through the streets of Edinburgh and finding signs that there were other survivors in the city with them. Clint and Selena were soon ambushed by survivors Paul and Angus, but they were able to overpower and escape the two when Selena broke Paul's arm and Clint held both of them at gunpoint. Selena and Clint tried to flee in a car, but were captured by a large group of Angus and Paul's fellow survivors, led by Raj. Raj took Clint and Selena to Dixon and Minnie, the ruthless rulers of post-outbreak Edinburgh, who took the duo's gun and vitamins as payment for the alcohol that Clint and Selena drank at the Guildcrest Tavern. Minnie also demanded Selena's earrings, but Selena was reluctant and refused until Dixon threatened to kill Clint if Selena didn't comply. Dixon then ordered that Selena be locked in the Mannequin for the night as punishment for breaking Paul's arm, and Raj took her to and locked her in the Mannequin cage in the street; warning her to stay still and in the very centre of the cage until morning to be out of the Infected's reach.


Selena in the Mannequin, surrounded by the Infected.

That night, as dozens of Infected came and surrounded the Mannequin, Selena had an illusion of David, Douglas, Derrick and all those she had known who had died while with her. She considered allowing herself to die so that she could be with David again, but the illusion of the late David convinced Selena to stay alive and be strong. Selena then snapped back to reality, and a short time later, a group of Glaswegians lured the Infected away from the Mannequin and freed Selena (after mistaking her for their comrade). Selena tagged along with the group as they raided Edinburgh, until vicious battles and street brawls began to ensue between the peoples of Glasgow and Edinburgh. She subsequently went searching for and reunited with Clint, then took her earrings back from Minnie; and the two then fled Edinburgh in a car, reluctantly leaving the two cities to fight to the death.

Selena and Clint kept driving south, until eventually their car ran out of petrol in rural northern England, forcing them to continue on foot. The two came across a large peach tree and rested beneath it for a while, until they noticed an American Navy jet and increasing military activity. Clint and Selena then travelled to a nearby farmhouse for supplies, and found an Infected dying of starvation on the house's floor, before stealing the farmhouse's pickup and continuing to drive south in it. Selena and Clint eventually arrived in a deserted town free of Infected as dusk came, and decided to rest in a house there for the night and managed to bathe in warm water. The next morning, when Selena feared that she and Clint were being watched, they decided to leave the town, and returned to the pickup truck but found that its keys had been taken.

ComicSelena AngryStiles

Selena and Stiles argue over their different views on Major Henry West.

Selena and Clint subsequently took cover and waited until nightfall for their hunter to show himself, and just when Selena was about to give up, the two saw that it was Captain Stiles and that he was in a nearby house. They managed to draw Stiles' attention by using a burning TV inside another house as a decoy, then stole Stiles' unattended car and fled the town in it. Stiles pursued Selena and Clint in his jeep, but the two were able to temporarily escape Stiles when Clint shot out the jeep's tires. Selena took Clint to an abandoned Cumbrian medical centre to treat a gunshot wound Clint suffered during the chase, and the two then ventured through the abandoned town until they encountered a US military patrol led by Sergeant Luis Rodriguez.

The patrol managed to capture Clint and Selena, and upon realising that the two weren't infected, Rodriguez offered to take them to District One in London. However, Captain Stiles then arrived, demanding that Roriguez turn Selena over to him, and caught the patrol off-guard and massacred them. Selena and Clint took cover from Stiles in a nearby building, and Clint came up with a plan to have Selena lure Stiles away from his Hummer while Clint stole it. Selena was at first reluctant to go along with the plan, but Clint convinced her otherwise. Selena then ran out into the streets and was chased by Stiles, then escaped him by hiding in an old building among dozens of decaying corpses. Slena then returned to Clint once Stiles was gone, and the two fled in Stiles' stolen Hummer to a dock, where they dumped the Hummer in the water and decided to spend the night aboard a boat.


Selena watches as Stiles is blown to pieces.

Aboard the boat, Selena began to tell Clint some of the secrets of her past. Later that night, Captain Stiles came aboard the boat and forced Clint to jump overboard, then took Selena hostage. Stiles explained that he was after Selena because he wanted revenge on her and Hannah for their roles in death of Major Henry West, and then forcefully took Selena with him across England to Manchester. On the way, Selena and Stiles exchanged opinions about Major West, with Selena deeming West a rapist and a murderer, and teasing and taunting Captain Stiles and disrespecting the late Major West.

The next day, Selena and Stiles arrived at the scorched ruins of Manchester, where Selena took a new headband for herself (after losing her old one while evading Stiles in Cumbria), and Captain Stiles then took Selena across the ruined Manchester to the Worsley House where Major West and his soldiers died. Stiles forced Selena to take him to West's corpse in the mansion and explain how the Major died; and Selena then broke free, and took Major West's dog tags from his corpse and threw them out onto the Worsley House lawn so as to trick Captain Stiles into stepping on a landmine. The ploy worked, blowing Stiles to pieces, and Clint and a military squad led by Dog arrived and found Selena shortly afterwards. Dog and his squad subsequently took Clint and Selena to District One in London, and the two were admitted into the Green Zone as new civilians.

In District One, Clint and Selena soon fell in love and began to settle into a happy, peaceful life in the Green Zone. However, Selena decided that she didn't belong with Clint or in a civilised, peaceful world anymore, and that she couldn't move on from everything she had gone through yet. One morning, Selena slipped out of District One, leaving Clint a departing message, and travelled across the desolate London to her and David's old home. There, Selena confronted her last memories of David during the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus, and found David's decayed corpse still impaled to the wall. Selena broke down upon seeing David's skeleton, before burying it in the house's back yard with her earrings and necklace and setting the house on fire, as dusk fell. Selena then left and returned to District One, to find that a Second Outbreak of Infection had started in the Green Zone and the area was quickly being overrun.

ComicSelena ClintInDistrict1

Selena and Clint try to readjust to normal life.

Selena avoided the rampaging Infected by jumping from rooftop to rooftop, until she saw Clint in the streets below fleeing into an alleyway. Selena followed Clint into the alley and saved him from an Infected, and the two then heard the Air Cavalry arriving to incinerate District One. Selena and Clint then fled to the Thames and took cover in the water as the Green Zone was firebombed, and Selena then confessed to Clint that the latter was the reason that she returned. Clint and Selena subsequently escaped into the desolate city of London as dawn came, and fled up a high-rise office building from the surviving Infected and the chemical gas being pumped into London by the US Army (with the gas forcing the two to wear rags soaked in their urine over their faces to avoid being affected). As Clint and Selena waited for the chemical gas to dissipate, Selena became upset as she realised that with the repatriation having failed, her country was effectively dead forever, and Clint comforted her. Once the gas settled, Selena and Clint left the building and returned across the ruined city to the Thames, where they commandeered a military boat and used it to escape downriver from the Infected and leave London.

Clint and Selena travelled overnight in the boat out of Britain, and across the English Channel to France, where they stayed at a hotel in Paris for a few days after Clint contacted his editor, Eliott Muniz. In France, Selena let go of her machete and finally became ready to move on, before she and Clint boarded a plane for New York so that Selena could begin a new life in America with Clint. Selena was troubled when the plane's takeoff was delayed, but it eventually did take off as Selena and Clint embraced.


Selena adapted quickly to the new everyday life in the aftermath of the outbreak. This, along with the fate of her family, made her a tough, bitter and emotionless woman on the outside, who has a cold and steely attitude and is willing to do almost anything to survive. She outwardly believes that putting someone else's safety before one's own is a sure way to get killed, and will rarely hesitate to kill her comrades in a "kill or be killed" situation. However, Selena is shown to become warmer and more sarcastic, friendly and selfless towards those with whom she bonds. However, Selena will also show those who harm her friends horribly enough no mercy at all, and will become much colder and more callous towards them.


  • It was revealed in the 28 Days Later comic series that the events at the Worsley House concerning Major Henry West and his men (and possibly also Jim's arrest and execution for killing the insane soldiers to save his friends) caused Selena to develop a distrust for the military and revert to her original, callous resolve (until falling in love with Clint Harris).
  • Selena is the only character to appear as a main character in more than one piece of 28 Days Later media.
  • During the conversation between Selena, Jim, Hannah, and Frank regarding the proposed "answer to infection" at the Forty-Second Blockade, she notes that, because Frank's source is a recording as opposed to an actual transmission, the soldiers probably were dead or infected. After her's, Hannah's, and Jim's escape from the Worsley House, this was, indeed, the case, as all the soldiers in the house were either torn apart or infected. This potentially dooms any survivors who might decide to travel to the blockade in the hopes of finding an "answer to infection".


  1. Mentioned by Naomie Harris and Danny Boyle
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