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Portrayed by: Raymond Waring
Appearance(s): 28 Weeks Later
Nationality: British (English)
Category: Infected
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: N/A

Sam Conway[1] was a District One receptionist who joined in an attempt to escape Great Britain when the Rage Virus broke out in London a second time.


Sam was one of the residents during the repatriation of London following the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus.

28 Weeks Later[]

When the Second Outbreak of the Infection started in District One, Sam and several other residents including Andy Harris took refuge in a warehouse from the snipers and Infected. When Doyle arrived and offered to take anyone else who wanted to survive on the former's attempt to escape District One, Sam was among those that chose to join.

While the group was trying to escape through the Green Zone's streets past the perimeter, they were fired upon by a rooftop sniper, leaving Sam emotionally stunned. Doyle tried to convince Sam to run out and draw the sniper's attention so that Doyle could shoot the sniper, but a terrified Sam refused.


Sam falls from Flynn's chopper.

Sam and the rest of the group subsequently managed to reach and escape over the District One perimeter into the ruins of London moments before the Green Zone was firebombed; and they subsequently travelled on foot through the ruined city to Regent's Park, to wait for Flynn to arrive and airlift them to safety. At dawn, Flynn arrived at the park via helicopter, as a large horde of surviving Infected came and attacked. Upon seeing the approaching Infected, a panicked Sam ran to and grabbed onto the skid of Flynn's helicopter, causing Flynn to momentarily lose control of the chopper.

After Flynn regained control over his helicopter, he flew it at the oncoming Infected, with Sam still clinging onto the skid, and used the chopper's blades to mow the Infected down. Shortly afterwards, Sam lost his grip on the helicopter's blades and fell into the bloody fields below. It is unknown what happened to Sam afterwards.

It was revealed as Sam was still clinging on the Helicopter, with infected blood sprayed all over his face, which instantly infected him with the Rage Virus.


Sam showed some bravery and decency when beckoning Andy at the storage unit entrance where survivors had taken shelter, despite the Infected rampaging around them and the snipers shooting everyone. He later showed himself to be somewhat prone to fear, breaking down when a lone sniper killed two other survivors after he'd joined Doyle, and running in a panic to Flynn's helicopter when he realized the Infected in Regent's Park had seen the activity.



Infected Sam.

  • Karen had a boyfriend who abandoned her and the others in the cottage on around Day 10 of the Original Outbreak. It is uncertain whether or not this was the same Sam.
  • It was not shown in the film what happened to Sam after he fell from Flynn's chopper. However, several photos from 28 Weeks Later show Sam in Regent's Park as an Infected. The canonicity of these photos is uncertain, as Sam was not shown in the finished film as an Infected; but when Sam falls from Flynn's helicopter, it can be seen that some of the infected blood (which was sprayed onto his face when Flynn used his helicopter's blades to mow the Infected hordes to death) has gotten into his eyes and mouth, suggesting that he was infected in the canon universe when Flynn did this. It can be presumed that he then succumbed to the Rage Virus moments after he fell from the chopper.
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