28 Days Later Wiki
Portrayed by: Amanda Walker
Appearance(s): 28 Weeks Later
Profession: Housewife
Nationality: British
Category: Either Infected or Killed
Status: Deceased (Presumably)
Cause of death: Killed by the Infected or Starvation (Presumably)

Sally was the wife of Geoff, and a survivor of the Rage Virus until she was infected.


Sally lived with her husband Geoff on a farm a few miles downriver from Sandford. During the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus, Geoff and Sally took in Don and Alice Harris, Sam, Karen and Jacob, and barricaded themselves in Geoff and Sally's cottage from the Infected.

28 Weeks Later[]

One day during the outbreak, Geoff, Sally and the other survivors were preparing to have a dinner of pasta, when a boy arrived outside and begged to be let into the cottage. The survivors let the boy in, and then minutes later, a horde of Infected attacked and began to break into the cottage.

Geoff, Sally and Jacob retreated into a barn, where Sally begged Geoff to escape with her and Jacob, but her husband instead chose to stay behind to slow the Infected down for them. Geoff tried to hold the barn doors shut, but the Infected eventually broke in and infected her husband Geoff as Sally watched. Jacob then tried to pull Sally away from the Infected into the barn's attic, but he lost his grip, and Sally was then dragged down by the Infected and presumably either infected herself or was brutally killed by them.


Sally was a kind and gentle old woman who loved her husband deeply. She also liked Geoff's sense of humour.


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