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Megan Burns as "Betty Curse".

Megan Burns (born June 25, 1986), also known as Betty Curse, is a British musician and former award-winning actress.

Early life & acting career[]

Megan Burns was born in Liverpool, England. When she was three years old, her father left her and her mother. At age 11 her grandmother sent her to a drama class. From there she received a part in the film Liam (2000). She won the Marcello Mastroianni award at the Venice film festival for her performance. Danny Boyle saw this and put her in his film 28 Days Later (2002), where she played Hannah.

Music career[]

She has since embarked upon a music career, under the pseudonym Betty Curse, which has been manufactured by the Island Records Group. Her first single release is a double A-side, Met On The Internet and Excuse All The Blood, released May 29. Her debut album Hear Lies was released in October 2006 via itunes. The CD version is due out in April 2007.

Betty Curse released her first album, "Here Lies Betty Curse", on 31 October 2006, and the album's first single, "God This Hurts" in August 07, shortly followed by "Girl With Yellow Hair" on Island Records on 13 November and her album "Hear Lies" on Hallowe'en. Yahoo! named her "Emerging Artist of the Month" for August 2006 and she recently performed and won on a halloween special of the children's television programme The Slammer with "Girl With Yellow Hair"

New material[]

In April 2007, Betty Curse was dropped from "Island Records" and has since informed fans she is working on new material as Island owns the songs from her debut cd. On Halloween 2007 roundabout midnight, Betty added a new song onto her myspace called "Cherry Dear" which she says "although its not really a song song. its a song in the making." It was recorded in her bedroom with her boyfriend Rich, and is only a rough version.


  • "Liam" (2000)
  • "28 Days Later" (2002)


  • 2006 Hear Lies — release October 30 (Download only)
  • 2006 Here Lies Betty Curse


  • 2006 "Excuse all the blood"
  • 2006 "God This Hurts"
  • 2006 "Girl With Yellow Hair"
  • 2007 "Do You Mind (If I Cry)"

Band members[]

  • Megan Burns "Betty Curse" (Vocals)
  • Rich Curse (Guitar)
  • Alex Curse (Guitar)
  • Olly Curse (Bass)
  • Dominic Curse (Drums)

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