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Portrayed by: Noah Huntley
Appearance(s): 28 Days Later (film)
28 Days Later (comic series)
Profession: Unknown
Nationality: British
Category: Infected (Presumably)

Cause of Infection: Unknown (Most likely during the Mr. Bridges attack)

Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Hacked to death with a machete by Selena

-Wait...... —Mark's last words to Selena, seconds before he is killed by her to stop the serious threat he now poses.

Mark was a survivor of the Rage Virus after it originally decimated Great Britain, until he was infected, and killed by Selena.


Mark and his family were in London at the time of the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus, and his parents, who were presumably rich, held onto their valuables and money, even though "cash was already completely useless". Mark and his family attempted to reach the airport and evacuate Britain, hoping they could bribe someone for seats on the last remaining flights, by getting a train there from Paddington Station, but over 20,000 people were at the Station as well. He noted that the ground was squishy, as the masses ruthlessly overlooked whoever fell down during the shoving.

Mark held onto his younger sister when the Infection began to spread through the crowd in the train station, but lost her during the panic. Mark survived by climbing up upon the thousands of bodies on the ground, onto a kiosk. Mark then saw his father among the crowds, and it is suggested that he was either infected or mutilated. Sometime after the exodus, Mark met Selena somewhere in London and the two made it their mission to fight and kill the Infected.

28 Days Later (film)[]

On Day 28 of the outbreak, Mark and Selena saw Jim being chased through the streets by several Infected. The two set about saving Jim, and Mark incinerated the Infected that were chasing Jim with cocktails and bombs. Mark and Selena then lead Jim down to the London Underground, and returned to their hiding place in a sweet shop. There, Mark introduced himself and Selena to Jim, and then explained to Jim what had happened in the past twenty-eight days. Jim then convinced Mark and Selena to travel with him to his parents' house in Deptford the next day to see if his family were alive.


Mark remembering what happened at Paddington Station.

At Jim's house, Mark, Selena and Jim found the corpses of Jim's parents, and when Selena told Jim that he should have been grateful that his parents had died peacefully, Mark recounted what had happened at Paddington Station when he and his family were trying to escape England. Mark and Selena then slept on Jim's couch as it would be safer than being in different rooms. While Mark and Selena slept, Jim unintentionally attracted two Infected, which attacked Jim. Mark and Selena fought the Infected off, with Mark killing Mr. Bridges' infected daughter by stabbing her to death. In the immediate aftermath, Selena and Jim both noticed Mark frantically trying to wipe clean a bleeding cut on his arm. He immediately looked desperately at Selena and begged her to wait. Suspecting he was infected, Selena immediately attacked him with her machete, he attempts to defend himself by raising his arm but Selena’s repetitive hacking and slicing ends up cutting off his arm, then presumably she goes for the head to finish him off (implied by his sudden silence), causing him a brutal but quick death.

When Jim later asked how Selena could have known Mark was infected, she responded, "I didn't know he was infected. He knew, I could see it in his face".

Other references[]

28 Days Later (comic series)[]

Mark's death can be seen in a flashback montage in Issue 1 of the comics, which incorrectly depicts him with blond hair.

Mark was later seen in Selena's hallucination of the afterlife, drinking happily with Frank and Clint Harris' deceased team.


  • The wound on Mark's arm, which was thought to have infected him, looked more like it was caused by a shard of glass than a bite. Mark also showed no symptoms related to being infected potentially caused by contact with infected blood, even though the wound itself had been on his arm for about 40 seconds.
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