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The Manchester Three just before arriving at the Worsley House. (28 Days Later (film))

The Manchester Three was a trio of survivors of the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus in Great Britain; so called for journeying across post-outbreak England to Manchester in search of sanctuary from the remnants of the British Army, and subsequently becoming involved in an incident at the nearby Worsley House with surviving soldiers led by Major Henry West.

The Manchester Three were among the first survivors of Infection to be found and rescued from Britain after the outbreak, for which they were remembered and became famous, and were subsequently separated.


  • Jim - a young Irish man who spent the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus in a coma and awoke on Day 28 to the aftermath of the epidemic. He was arrested and sentenced to execution for the deaths of Major Henry West and his men at the Worsley House, though his fate is uncertain.
  • Selena - a toughened female survivor who lost her family in the outbreak of Infection. She evaded the Rage outbreak in France by flying with Clint Harris to New York.
  • Hannah - a teenage girl and the daughter of Frank, who lost her father when the Manchester Three reached Manchester. She was taken into German foster care.