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The Manchester Three just before arriving at the Worsley House. (28 Days Later (film))

The Manchester Three were a trio of survivors of the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus in Great Britain; so called for journeying across post-outbreak England to Manchester in search of sanctuary with the remnants of the British Army, and subsequently becoming involved in an incident at the nearby Worsley House with surviving soldiers led by Major Henry West.

The Manchester Three were among the first survivors of Infection to be found and rescued from Britain after the outbreak, for which they were remembered and became famous.

28 Days Later (comic series)[]

Two months after the Original Outbreak, it is revealed that the Manchester Three were tried for their involvement in the killings of Henry West and his platoon. While Selena and Hannah were found not guilty, Jim was sentenced to death by firing squad, although his execution date is still pending. Hannah, now an orphan, was relocated to Germany and entered into the foster system. Selena ended up in Norway at the Bergen Refugee Camp, which she left after taking up an offer by Clint Harris to act as a guide for him and his team for an illegal journalistic expedition.

Although the Manchester Three were viewed in an almost exclusively positive light internationally, Captain Stiles of the now-defunct British Army became dead set on capturing, torturing, and killing the remaining two members of the survivors, holding them responsible for the death of Major West, who was a close friend of Stiles'. He would pursue Selena over the entire island to get his revenge, before meeting his end, courtesy of a landmine at the Worsley House.


  • Jim - A deliveryman, who was put in a coma following a car accident, awakening only on Day 28 of the outbreak.
  • Selena - A chemist, who had to put down her family following their infection, her first kill having been her husband David.
  • Hannah - A presumed student and the teenage daughter of Frank, who died shortly after their group's arrival in Manchester.