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Appearance(s): 28 Days Later (film)
Type: Motorway
Location: Between Eccles and Salford
Filming location: M1 motorway between J12 and J13, near Milton Keynes

The M602 motorway is a relatively short motorway, leading traffic into Manchester and Salford by-passing the suburban town of Eccles.

In 28 Days Later[]

During the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus, when the British Army set up several military blockades in and around Manchester to protect the city from the Infected, the Forty-Second Blockade was set up on the M602 twenty-seven miles northeast of Manchester. During the outbreak, when the military checkpoints were overrun, the Infected breached and overran the Forty-Second Blockade, killing all the soldiers stationed at it, except for Major Henry West and eight of his men.

28 Days Later (film)[]

Thirty-one days into the Rage Epidemic, Jim, Frank, Hannah and Selena travelled on the M602 to the abandoned Forty-Second Blockade, following a radio broadcast sent by Major West. There, Frank was infected by blood from an infected corpse, and two of Major West's surviving soldiers then killed the infected Frank, and took the other three survivors from the M602 back to the Worsley House in the nearby woods.

The next day, Jim returned to the Forty-Second Blockade and successfully lured Major West and Private Davis to there. Jim killed Davis and disabled his and West's jeep, and Jim and West then left the Blockade and returned through the woods on foot to the Worsley House.