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Jim entering the church in search of other people.

The London Church was a church discovered by Jim while he was wandering around London twenty-eight days after the Rage Virus' release, which was filled with corpses and Infected.


28 Days Later (film)[]

By Day 28 of the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus, the church's nave and aisles were filled with dozens to hundreds of rotting corpses, indicating it had been used as a body-dump site or a massacre had occurred there, probably before London was abandoned. Several Infected were also resting among the corpses, whilst the church's priest who'd been infected was located in a first-floor room. At some point, someone had scrawled on the interior wall near the church's entrance the words, "REPENT THE END IS EXTREMELY FUCKING NIGH".

28 days

One of the infected amongst the corpses reacts to Jim calling out.

Jim wandered into the church on Day 28, just before nightfall when searching for other people in London after waking from his coma. When Jim wandered onto the first floor and saw the pile of bodies below, he unwittingly alerted the Infected when he called out. The infected priest arrived and staggered towards the bewildered Jim, who promptly knocking him to the floor with a bag of pop cans in self-defence. Jim then fled the church, with the other Infected pursuing him into London, where they were killed with cocktails and in an explosion caused by Mark and Selena.