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Portrayed by: N/A
Appearance(s): 28 Days Later (comic series)
Nationality: British
Category: Uninfected (last appearance)
Status: Unknown
Cause of death:

Kirk was a civilian survivor in London during the early stages of the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus, that decimated Great Britain in the space of a few weeks.

Kirk is notable for having given Selena her trademark machete.


Little is known of Kirk, except that he lived somewhere in London, and was neighbours with David and Selena at the time when when society was still intact. Kirk was seemingly friends with the married couple, and once offered Selena borrow some of his own gardening tools. David was slightly intimidated by Kirk because of his gruffness and worldly experience, which bemused Kirk as he still liked and respected David.

During the early stages of the Rage Virus outbreak, when London was attacked by the Infected, the married couple were preparing to leave the city, whilst their neighbour Kirk instead determined on staying in the neghbourhood.

An Infected crashed through the window of the married couple's home and infected David, and Selena killed her husband by spearing him to the wall; Kirk heard the commotion and came over. Devastated, Selena was comforted by her neighbour, who told her to stay sharp and survive, since it is what David would have wanted. It was at this point that Kirk gave Selena her trademark machete, which she would take and later use against a large number of Infected, and in a number of other countries.

Selena left Kirk when she teamed up with another survivor, Mark, and left the neighbourhood. Kirk apparently stayed in his home, and his ultimate fate and/or whereabouts during the later stages of the Outbreak are unknown.


  • Kirk was a gruff-looking, middle-aged man who appeared to be a loner.
  • Kirk possibly had a military or law enforcement background, since he had access to large stocks of heavy duty melee weaponry and firearms at a time before the military blockades were overrun; unlike other survivors such as Hugh Baker who got their weapons from the fallen blockades after the disaster. Another possibility is that Kirk had been some sort of criminal before the Original Outbreak, since public ownership of firearms had been illegal in Great Britain.
  • Kirk seemed well prepared both physically and mentally for the rapid societal collapse, and was able to keep his head as everything went to chaos around him. This levelheadedness and determination for survival was an inspiration to a shocked and bereaved Selena after she lost her husband David.
  • It could be assumed that Mark and Selena went searching for Kirk during the early stages of the Outbreak, as he had decent survival equipment and would have been an asset. Since he wasn't with them, they either found him dead, infected or discovered he had simply left.
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