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Portrayed by: Shahid Ahmed
Appearance(s): 28 Weeks Later
Nationality: British
Category: Infected

Cause of Infection: Being dragged into the water by Infected.

Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shredded underwater by Donald Harris using a motorboat propeller.

Jacob was a survivor of the Rage Virus taking shelter in Geoff and Sally's cottage, until they were overrun and Jacob was infected and killed.


During the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus, Jacob took shelter with Geoff, Sally and several other survivors in Sally and Geoff's barricaded cottage.

28 Weeks Later[]

One day, when the survivors were sitting down to a dinner of pasta, Jacob was annoyed by Karen hollowly refusing her bowl of pasta to keep food for Sam, having no patience for her denialism since Sam had left - raising his voice, he harshly forced her to face the likely truth of what had happened to Sam, despite being rebuked by Sally and then by Don Harris, and wound up upsetting her. Almost immediately afterwards, a young boy from Sandford started banging on the cottage door, and was let in by Don and Alice.

After being given pasta, the boy explained to Jacob and the others where he'd come from and that a large number of Infected had been pursuing him, seconds before Karen was attacked by an Infected breaking through the kitchen window. Jacob was first to rush to Karen's aid, pulling her away from the window too late - having been infected a bite, Karen began attacking Jacob on the floor, until Don bludgeoned her to death before Jacob could get infected. As the Infected continued breaking through the kitchen window, Jacob fled with Geoff and Sally, whilst Don held the Infected off and whilst Alice and the boy became separated from them.

Jacob, Geoff and Sally fled into the barn, and whilst Geoff held the door shut against the Infected with his body, Jacob unsuccessfully urged a protesting Sally to flee to the barn's second floor with him, before ascending alone. He was still urging Sally to give him his hand from the ladder's top when the Infected overwhelmed Geoff, and tried to pull Sally to safety as the Infected grabbed her, but lost his grip. Shutting the ladder's trapdoor when an Infected started climbing after him, Jacob fled out the barn's window.


Infected Jacob.

Jacob reached the farm's dock alone, and prepared to flee onto the river by motorboat. While he was untying the boat's ropes, Don arrived along the fields followed by dozens of the Infected. While Don jumped into the motorboat and the Infected ran into the water, Jacob pushed the boat away from the dock, then tried to jump in after Don. He lost his footing and fell into the river. Don tried to pull a screaming Jacob aboard by his hand, but two Infected pulled Jacob underwater and infected him. The infected Jacob grabbed onto the boat's edge seconds later, trying to get to Don and causing the motorboat to spin in circles with his weight. Don kicked Jacob off the boat and regained control - the boat's motor apparently shredded a submerged Infected implied to be Jacob as it went over him.


Jacob was openly pessimistic about the odds of the cottage survivors finding anyone else alive and uninfected, and seemingly thought his fellow survivors would be better off accepting the same mindset. He was frustrated by Karen's denial of her boyfriend's likely fate, irritably and harshly attempting to drill the reality of circumstances into her, to Don and Sally's outrage. He also appeared to be aloof, spending time in the cottage to himself flipping aimlessly through a newspaper before dinner. Despite his rough exterior, Jacob didn't leave his fellow survivors behind unnecessarily, only abandoning them when he was out of time to save them.

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