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Type: Country
Location: Western Asia
Filming location: N/A

Iraq (officially the Republic of Iraq) is an Arab country in Western Asia spanning most of the northwestern end of the Zagros mountain range, the eastern part of the Syrian Desert and the northern part of the Arabian Desert. Prior to the of events of 28 Days Later, the country was invaded by a coalition force, led by the U.S. and Britain in order to stop then-dictator, Saddam Hussein, from “developing weapons of mass destruction”. This would lead to its eventual occupation by American and British forces.

In 28 Days Later[]

Clint Harris and Derrick and their team reported from numerous war zones in various countries, including Iraq. One of the times when Derrick and his crew were embedded in Iraq, they were separated from their unit and captured by the Crescent Jihad Faction. The insurgent Faction executed the entire crew except for Derrick, who was rescued by his unit. With the outbreak of the rage virus in the UK, it is likely that British forces would have been withdrawn to assist in the eventual defence of major cities against the infected. (28 Days Later (comic series))