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Appearance(s): 28 Days Later (comic series)
Type: City
Location: Scotland
Filming location: N/A

Inverness is a city in the Scottish Highlands. It is the administrative centre for the Highland council area, and is regarded as the capital of the Highlands of Scotland. It is the northernmost city in the United Kingdom and lies within the Great Glen (Gleann Mòr) at its north-eastern extremity where the River Ness enters the Moray Firth.

In 28 Days Later[]

During or following the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus, Inverness was apparently overrun and destroyed by the Infected.

28 Days Later (comic series)[]

On their journey to London, Selena, Clint Harris and Derrick travelled into Inverness for food and other supplies, and afterwards commandeered a train from Inverness' local train station which took them to Edinburgh.