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Portrayed by: Justin Hackney
Appearance(s): 28 Days Later (film)
Nationality: Unknown (possibly British)
Category: Infected

Cause of Infection: Unknown

Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Beaten to death by Jim with a baseball bat

The Infected Child was a young boy of about twelve. He was infected when the Rage Virus originally broke out in Great Britain, and was killed by Jim.


This boy was infected during the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus, after which he prowled an abandoned diner in the countryside which was full of corpses. Whether he attacked and massacred the diner after he was infected, or if other Infected killed everyone there before the child came to the diner is unknown.

28 Days Later (film)[]

Thirty days into the outbreak, Jim, Selena, Hannah and Frank arrived at the diner during their journey to Manchester to refuel Frank's taxi. When Jim went into the diner in search of food such as cheeseburgers, the infected child jumped down from on a shelf he was hiding. The boy attacked Jim from behind, but Jim pinned him down onto the floor. Jim then beat the infected child to death with his baseball bat.


  • Just before Jim kills the Infected Child, the child hissed "I hate you!" at him, despite the Child's mouth not moving to match the words. Danny Boyle confirmed that the child speaking in this scene was due to an audio error, and in the 28 Days Later comics, it was implied by Gordon and Luis Rodriguez that Infected cannot talk.
  • Some fans believe that the Infected Child is the child seen on the photograph that the camera zooms in on just before the church scene in London.
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