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Exterminio - 28 days Theme (In The House In a Heartbeat)

The full version of In a Heartbeat.

In the House - In a Heartbeat is the original name of a piece of music composed by John Murphy for 28 Days Later. The piece is used again three times in 28 Weeks Later, renamed and rewritten each time, and is considered the theme tune of the 28 Days Later franchise.

28 Days Later (film)[]

The tune was used when the infected Mailer and Clifton went on a rampage in the Worsley House, slaughtering the uninfected soldiers while Jim searched the mansion for the captive Hannah and Selena.

28 Weeks Later[]


28 Weeks Later OST - In The House, In A Heartbeat

The use of Don Abandons Alice in 28 Weeks Later.

The tune was used three times throughout the film. The first time, titled Don Abandons Alice, plays when Don Harris left Alice to die in the cottage and subsequently escaped via motorboat as the sole survivor.

A remix of In a Heartbeat was used when the US Army began massacring both the infected and uninfected civilians of District One, titled 28 Theme.

The song is used again, this time titled Leaving England, when Tammy, Flynn and Andy flew from Wembley Stadium, across the English Channel and out of Britain.

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