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Portrayed by: N/A
Appearance(s): 28 Days Later (comic series)
Profession: Field medic
Nationality: American
Category: Infected
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Hacked to death by Selena with a machete

Hirsch was a field medic, the lover of Trina, and a member of an illegal expedition into Great Britain.


Some time after the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus in Britain, Hirsch joined Clint Harris and several others on an illegal expedition into quarantined Britain, with Selena as their guide.

28 Days Later (comic series)[]

During the journey to Britain, the American military patrolling Britain's airspace shot at the group's helicopter, forcing them to land on the Shetland Islands. Two Infected there attacked Hirsch before Selena saved him, and the group then took refuge from the Infected in a hotel. Hirsch and Trina went off in search of weapons in the hotel, and accidentally disturbed a group of Infected in a lift shaft.

The group shortly after fled in a hotwired van from the hotel, and headed for the docks of Sumburgh to find the ship taking them to mainland Britain had not yet arrived, so they held up in a pub in the meantime. Whle the rest of the group played Texas Hold'em Poker, Hirsch investigated the rest of the pub in search of another shoe (to replace the one he had lost back at the hotel).

Hirsch was attacked by an Infected in the pub, and ran back to the group followed by the Infected, which bit him on the arm. After Selena killed the Infected, a horrified Hirsch then warned the group that he was infected. Selena then hacked Hirsch to death with her machete.

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