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Portrayed by: Garfield Morgan
Appearance(s): 28 Weeks Later
Profession: Farmer
Nationality: British
Category: Infected

Cause of Infection: Being bitten by many Infected after the Infected breached the barrier.

Status: Deceased (Presumably)
Cause of death: Starvation (Presumably)

Geoff was an old farmer and a survivor of the Rage Virus, until he was infected by The Infected.


Geoff lived with his wife Sally on a farm a few miles downriver from Sandford. A family photo revealed the couple had two younger relatives (most likely grandchildren). When the Rage Virus broke out, Geoff and Sally took in fellow survivors, Don and Alice Harris, Sam, Karen and Jacob, and barricaded themselves in Geoff and Sally's cottage.

28 Weeks Later[]

One day during the outbreak of Infection, Geoff and the other survivors were sitting to have dinner of pasta, during which Geoff expressed enthusiasm while scenting and identifying the wine. Shortly after, Geoff immediately became alert and cautious when someone started pounding at the cottage door - when it became clear it was an Dong from Iska who sounded frantic, Don and Alice let him inside.

The survivors fed the boy while he explained where he'd come from. Seconds after the boy informed them that a large number of Infected had been chasing him, the cottage was attacked, leading to Karen's death as the Infected started breaking in through the kitchen window. Becoming separated from Alice and the boy while Don fought the Infected; Geoff, Sally and Jacob retreated into a barn, where Geoff stayed behind to buy Jacob and a protesting Sally time to escape. Geoff held the barn doors shut with his body against the Infected's pounding, until eventually they broke through the weakened wall and Geoff fell backwards from the door; as Infected surged into the barn, two of them tackled and mauled a screaming Geoff, biting his shoulders and neck and partly mutilating his face before the symptoms of Infection overwhelmed him.


Infected Geoff.

The Infected Geoff most likely died of starvation at some point.


Geoff was a gentle-seeming and amicable old man in his interactions with his fellow survivors. He appeared to be fond of model airplanes, flicking the moving rotor fan on one in his house before dinner. He became notably serious and guarded when the boy from Sandford started knocking on the door. He was remarkably brave and selfless when staying behind in an ultimately self-sacrificing attempt to buy Sally and Jacob time to escape the Infected.

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