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Garfield Morgan (19 April 1931 - 5 December 2009) is an English actor mostly on TV and occasional films. He portrayed Geoff in 28 Weeks Later, which was his last film role.


He served his "apprenticeship" as a repertory actor at the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury during the '50s. His best remembered role may have been as Detective Chief Inspector Frank Haskins in the Euston Films/Thames Television's British crime series of the 1970's, The Sweeney. Morgan appeared in all four series of the programme. He appeared in The House on Haunted Hill episode of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) in 1969. He continued to perform in character roles on TV, most recently in The Bill. He also appeared in the ITV sitcoms Hallelujah!, No Job for a Lady and Shelley. Film roles include The Odessa File and 28 Weeks Later.

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