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The European Union (often know as the E.U.) is organisation (as of 2019) comprised of 28 European countries, and is one of the biggest political organisations in the world, along side NATO and the United Nations (U.N.). The organisation, along side NATO, are headquartered out Brussels, Belgium. During the events of 28 Days Later, EU member states (along with the U.N.) would have constructed refugee camps for displaced British citizens, however the presence of refugees, together with the drop in economic investment due to the outbreak of the virus, would have placed a considerable strain on the economy of the EU altogether, resulting in a devalued Euro. The EU may have also taken part in the enforcement of the quarantine of Great Britain, although the responsibilities of such actions would be left to NATO instead. Following the establishment of District 1 in London, it is possible that EU member states (e.g. France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium) could have provided large quantities of aid, such as food and medical supplies to the district. Following the events of 28 Weeks Later, with the Rage now in France, it is now very likely that the EU as a whole may collapse as its member states (much like the United Kingdom) are consumed by the virus itself.

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