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Portrayed by: N/A
Appearance(s): 28 Days Later (comic series)
Profession: Reporter
War correspondant
Nationality: American
Category: Uninfected
Status: Alive
Cause of death:

Clint Harris is an American reporter and war correspondant, and the leader of an illegal expedition into Great Britain. He is also the new love interest of Selena.


Clint Harris was a reporter and a war consultant for all of his adult life, and reported from war zones and countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

28 Days Later (comic series)

Some days after returning from a six-month period of time in Baghdad, while Clint was sleeping in at his apartment, he heard of the Rage Virus and the outbreak of it in Great Britain from his editor Eliott Muniz. Clint decided to go into London to investigate the origins of the Infection, and found Derrick at a pub and convinced him to come on the journey (so that Derrick could get over the trauma of his time as a hostage in Iraq).

Clint and Derrick then went to JFK Airport to take a plane to London from there. However, on the way to Britain, the plane was diverted to Frankfurt, Germany when the whole of mainland Britain was shut off. Clint and Derrick stayed in Germany for a while, before travelling to Berck, France, over a month and a half, where they met up with Clint's old friend, Major Sanders. Sanders told Clint and Derrick what the US Army knew about the Infection, and that he had heard rumours that a US-led NATO force would repatriate London once the city was safe again.

Sanders then took Clint and Derrick to a military research facility in Newport on the Isle of Wight to see how the Rage Virus took over its hosts, showing to Clint and Derrick an experiment on Iraqi insurgent Ahmed Karzaii with the Rage Virus. Moments later, Sanders ordered Clint and Derrick to return to France immediately when the scientist performing the experiment was accidentally infected.


Clint meets Selena at the Bergen Refugee Camp.

After returning to France, Clint and Derrick discussed what they saw at the research facility, and when Clint read a French newspaper about the "Manchester Three" - a trio of survivors who had successfully escaped infected Britain after the outbreak - he decided to go to one of them to guide him, Derrick and his crew to London. Clint devised a plan on how he and his crew would get past quarantine to London: they would land in Sumburgh on the Shetland Islands, where Clint's old friend Harlan would pick them up and take them via boat to mainland Scotland, where the quarantine was weak enough for them to slip past. They would use the Orkney Islands as cover from the military protecting the quarantine, and slip in. From there, they would make their way across Britain to London.

Some months later, Clint travelled to the Bergen Refugee Camp in Norway, where he visited Selena, one of the "Manchester Three." He tried to convince her to guide him through infected territory to London, but she refused and told him to go away. However, as Clint and his team were preparing to leave for Shetland, Selena met them at their helicopter, having changed her mind, and Clint, Selena, Derrick and the team were flown by Randall towards Britain. But on the way to Sumburgh, the US military patrolling Britain's airspace shot at them, forcing them to land on the Shetland Islands nine miles from Sumburgh. When two Infected attacked Hirsch before Selena killed them, Clint and the group realised that the military were shooting at the because the Rage Virus has spread to the island.

The group then took cover in a hotel, but Clint worried over the fact that they would have to reach Sumburgh as soon as possible, as if they missed the boat, they would be left marooned on the island with the Infected. Thus, Clint and Derrick devised a plan for Selena and Derrick to go out into the hotel's car park, and hotwire a van for the group to drive to Sumburgh in. Derrick drove the van into the hotel, and Clint and the group narrowly escaped aboard from a horde of Infected.

Derrick then drove them to Sumburgh from there, and when he and Clint found that their boat had not yet arrived, they decided to hold up in a pub by the port in the meantime. There, Hirsch was attacked and infected, and then killed by Selena for the safety of the group, in front of a horrified Clint and his team. Selena then warned Clint and his group of the peril they were in, and had them barricade the pub against oncoming Infected. When the Infected came, Clint held the doors to the pub shut while Selena and Derrick fought off the Infected breaking into the pub through the windows. Harlan's boat soon arrived, and Clint and the group made a run for it from the pub, narrowly escaping onto the boat from the Infected.


Clint orders Harlan to get him into Scotland.

On the way to mainland Scotland, when Clint and Harlan found the US Navy protecting the quarantine, Clint rebuffed Harlan's advice that they abort the journey, and ordered Harlan to try and get them past the Navy and to the mainland regardless. The boat was then blown up by a military jet, killing everyone aboard except Clint, Selena and a blinded Derrick. After the surviving three met up, they swam to shore and set up camp as night fell. When Selena discovered that the explosion had permanently blinded Derrick, she discussed what to do with him to Clint. Selena wanted to euthanise Derrick as he would slow them down due to his blindness, but Clint refused to allow it.

The next day, Clint, Selena and Derrick were attacked and chased in the woods by two Infected which Selena killed. As dusk began to close in, they took refuge in a secluded house, and Derrick suddenly fell sick with a fever. Selena discovered that his wounds were infected, and she and Clint used cold medicine to keep the fever at bay. Selena tried again to convince Clint to kill Derrick, but Clint refused and decided that they had to find antibiotics for Derrick's wounds before they could go septic. The next day, the trio travelled to a deserted village, and found a pickup truck. Clint tried to hotwire the pickup via Derrick's instructions so that they caould use it to drive to Halkirk, but failed. As a storm rolled in and night fell, Clint, Selena and Derrick decided to shelter in the back of the pickup for the night. That night, a horde of Infected came and wrecked the van, but fortunately failed to find the trio.

The next morning, Clint tried to hotwire the van again, this time with success. He, Selena and Derrick then drove it towards Halkirk, when they came across a trio of survivors led by Gordon. After Clint and Selena proved they weren't Infected, Clint requested medicine from the trio for Derrick. Gordon took them to their leader, Kate, and Selena demanded they hand over their medicine. But fortunately, Clint noticed a sniper in the window of Kate's house and friendlily convinced her to look after Derrick while he and Selena went to Halkirk in search of antibiotics. Clint and Selena subsequently travelled to Halkirk on foot; on the way, Selena expressed frstration at Clint for leaving Derrick with Kate's group, but Clint justified it. After Clint and Selena arrived at Halkirk, as night fell they entered the building Kate described as the local chemist's shop. There, they met Kate's son Douglas, and realised that Kate had tricked them.

Shortly after, hordes of Infected attacked the building, forcing Clint, Selena and Douglas to escape up a collapsing catwalk. To avoid the Infected in the streets, the trio jumped from rooftop to rooftop until they reached the chemist's. Clint and Selena took the antibiotics Derrick needed from the chemist's, before the store was attacked by the Infected, which chased Clint, Selena and Douglas through the streets. The trio were able to escape the Infected by swimming across a river, and returned to Kate's house, where Kate and Douglas reunited and Clint and Selena gave Derrick the antibiotics.


Clint loses his best friend.

The next day, Derrick got better, and Clint and Selena discussed resuming their journey to London. Selena was unsure about it, but Clint insisted that if they didn't continue, his crew would have died in vain. Clint, Selena and Derrick then left with Douglas, and resumed their journey south, towards London. On the way, they realised they were being hunted when they avoided being found by a CIA squad led by Captain Stiles. They also came across a squad of Black Ops soldiers, whom they avoided detection by by hiding in a quarantine dump of dead Infected. As night closed in, Clint and the group took shelter in an abandoned hut in the woods.

However, that night, Al, one of the Black Ops soldiers, came searching for Infected to capture and bring back to base. Shortly after, a forest fire started, forcing the group to flee through the woods from both the fire and the Infected fleeing the flames. Just when the Infected were about to overwhelm the group, they were saved and then captured by the Black Ops soldiers, who took them back to their camp and forcefully detained them there.

When the soldiers took Selena and Douglas away, then later put Selena back in detainment with Clint and Derrick, Clint and Derrick learned from Selena that the Black Ops personnel had infected Douglas as an experiment, leaving Clint horrified at what the personnel were doing. The remaining three then decided to try and escape, and when a soldier came to take Clint and Derrick away, Clint and Selena restrained him while Derrick shot and killed him. The trio then escaped, and Clint and Derrick went to the edge of the camp to meet up with Selena there. The trio escaped the Black Ops camp in a Humvee as it was wiped out by the Infected and the forest fire.

The next day, the group abandoned the Humvee as it had a flat tire, and while Selena and Derrick argued, Clint came across an abandoned sportscar which he and the group decided to continue to London in. However, while Selena was driving the car, it fell down a collapsed part of a bridge, forcing the group to continue on foot. Clint and the group arrived in Inverness, and after eating supplies from an abandoned local shop, they decided to commandeer a train from there to speed up their journey. They boarded a seemingly empty train, which Clint was able to start with Derrick's instructions.


Clint threatens Paul and Angus, toughened greatly by his best friend's death.

However, Selena discovered that the train was swarming with Infected, so the group locked themselves in the driving cart and first passenger cart. When the Infected began to break into the passenger cart, Derrick, despite Clint's objections, stayed behind in the passenger cart to separate it from the driving cart Clint and Selena were in, leaving Clint distraught and upset at his best friends death.

Eventually, the train arrived in Edinburgh, and Clint and Selena abandoned it and travelled into the city. The two mourned Derrick at the deserted Guildcrest Tavern before continuing through the streets of Edinburgh. While they explored the city, they found signs that there were other survivors there. They were ambushed by two survivors, Angus and Paul, but were able to overpower them. A toughened Clint viciously threatened Paul and Angus with a gun before Selena snapped him back to his senses and they fled through the city's streets in a car.

The duo tried to escape in the car, but were captured by a group of more survivors led by Raj, and taken to see Dixon and Minnie, the tyrannical rulers of post-outbreak Edinburgh. Dixon took some of their vitamins and their gun to pay for the alcohol Clint and Selena had drunk at the tavern, and Minnie demanded Selena's earrings. Selena initially refused, but Dixon forced her to hand them over by threatening Clint with a gun. Dixon then had Selena put in the Mannequin for the night as punishment for breaking Paul's arm, while Clint was taken in by Raj in the meantime.


Clint is initially distrustful of Raj.

Clint was at first suspicious of and hostile towards Raj, but later warmed up to him. Clint also told Raj about how and why he had come to Britain, and that the Rage Virus was actually confined to Britain. When a Glaswegian raid on Edinburgh occurred, Raj warned Clint that Dixon would kill him if he found him, and told him to escape the city. As Clint was fleeing Edinburgh, he reunited with Selena. Clint was reluctant to simply leave Edinburgh and Glasgow to keep fighting and starving, but Selena reminded him that Douglas and Derrick did not die so that him and her would become rulers.

Clint and Selena took a car and kept driving south until the car ran out of petrol somewhere in rural northern England, forcing the two to continue on foot. Clint and Selena came across a massive peach tree and rested under it for a while before they saw an American jet flying overhead. They travelled to a nearby farmhouse, where they found an Infected dying of starvation, and took supplies and a pickup truck with which to continue to drive towards London. At dusk, Clint and Selena reached a deserted town, free of Infected (with most of the Infected further south from Scotland having starved to death). Clint and Selena sheltered in an abandoned house for the night, where they found a video made by a man named Charles to his wife, Janice. Clint was also able to siphon some hot water from the house's boiler, and he and Selena each took a hot bath.

The next day, Selena suspected that she and Clint were being watched, so they decided to leave the town in the pickup. They returned to the pickup, but found that the keys had been taken, so they waited for their hunter to show himself.


Clint is found by Dog's squad.

Clint and Selena eventually saw the hunter at nightfall, and that he was Captain Stiles from in Scotland. Using the light from a burning TV as a decoy, Clint and Selena stole Stiles' car and took off in it. Stiles followed them in his Hummer, and a speed chase-shootout occurred between Clint and Stiles, during which Clint shot Stiles' Hummer's tire (temporarily ending the chase), but not before Stiles shot Clint in the shoulder.

The next day, Selena took Clint to an abandoned town in Cumbria to treat his gunshot wound. Shortly after, the two were found by a small military patrol squad led by Sergeant Luis Rodriguez, who offered to take them to District One, the safe zone in London. However, Captain Stiles then arrived and murdered the entire squad, forcing Clint and Selena to take cover in a nearby building. Clint, knowing that Selena was the one that Stiles was after, devised a plan to have Selena draw Stiles away while Clint stole his Hummer. The plan worked, and after Selena escaped Stiles, Clint picked her up in the Hummer and they drove to a dock as night fell. After dumping Captain Stiles' Hummer into the water, Clint and Selena slept in a boat for the night, where Clint was shocked to discover that Selena had had a husband before the Rage Virus broke out.

That night, Captain Stiles came aboard the boat, and forced Clint to jump overboard. Unnoticed to Selena or Stiles, Clint held onto the side of the boat as Stiles took it back to the dock. While Stiles took Selena hostage and travelled with her to Manchester, Clint climbed off the boat's hull and onto the dock, where he passed out. The next morning, Clint awoke and was found by a military squad led by Dog, who accused him of killing Sergeant Rodriguez and his squad. Clint explained that Captain Stiles was the one responsible for the squad's deaths, and that he was now travelling to Manchester with Selena hostage, and Dog's squad decided to go there to search for Stiles and Selena.

ComicSelena ClintInDistrict1

Clint and Selena try to readjust to normal life.

Clint and the squad searched the ruins of Manchester for Selena and Stiles, but did not find them, prompting Dog to warn Clint that he would kill him if Clint could not prove that he was not responsible for the deaths of Luis and his squad. Clint and the squad subsequently travelled to the Worsley House northeast of Manchester, where Clint found and reunited with Selena. Dog then took Clint and Selena to District One in London, and the two were admitted into the safe zone. There, Clint and Selena quickly fell in love and began to settle into a quiet, peaceful life. In District One, Clint also met and befriended Charles and Janice from the video he had found in northern England, and contacted his editor, Eliott Muniz, to tell him that he was alive, had reached London, and was sending him his story.

However, one morning, Clint found that Selena had left the green zone, leaving him her machete and a departing message. Clint later heard that the US Army supervising District One had found a resident who had snuck out of the security zone; he feared that it was Selena, until he heard that it was just two kids and a survivor. That night, when a Second Outbreak of Infection in London occurred, Clint and other civilians were locked in safe rooms. When the Infected broke into the safe room, Clint fled into the chaotic streets, where he met up with Charles and a wounded Janice.


Clint meets and befriends Charles and Janice.

When the US Army began killing both infected and uninfected civilians to contain the outbreak, Janice was killed and Clint, after saving Charles from an Infected with Selena's machete, took cover with him in an alley from the rooftop snipers. Clint apologised to Charles for Janice's death before Charles allowed an attacking Infected to kill him. The Infected was then about to kill Clint when Selena returned and kills it. When Clint heard jets coming to firebomb District One, he and Selena fled to the Thames and survived the firebombing by hiding under the water. Once it was safe for the two to come back onto shore, Selena admitted that Clint was the reason she had come back, and the two kissed.

Clint and Selena later fled into the deserted city of London, and took shelter in a high-rise building from the Infected and chemical gas in the streets. As Clint and Selena waited for the gas to clear, Clint comforted Selena when the latter realised that her country was forever and truly dead. Once the gas cleared, Clint and Selena left the building and travelled through the streets of London to the Thames to take a boat from there. Clint and Selena stole a military boat and used it to travel across the English Channel into France.

They stayed in Paris for a couple of days, and Selena let go of her machete so that she could move on from what she had gone through in Britain and begin a new life with Clint. Clint and Selena then left on a plane for New York, and kissed as the plane took off.


Clint is a sarcastic and friendly man who tries to make friends and have a good first introduction with new people. Also, while he is willing to ask a lot of people like Selena and Derrick on helping him to get a news story such as that of the Rage Virus, he is still a conscientious man in comparison to the survival-hardened Selena, and served as the voice of morality out of the two of them during their trek through infected Britain.

Though Clint's sense of right and wrong held out strong throughout the journey through Britain, after Derrick's death, Clint became much more hostile, distrustful and violent, although he eventually calmed back down. After he and Selena finally reached London, Clint returned to his witty, friendly self; although his experiences on the journey to London with Selena have taught him to be very tough, stoic and calculating and to make quick and hard decisions when he must.


  • Throughout the comics, Clint's eyes change colour from grey to blue.
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