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Portrayed by: Luke Mably
Appearance(s): 28 Days Later (film)
Profession: British Army private
Nationality: British
Category: Infected

Cause of Infection: Vomited on by Mailer with infected blood

Status: Deceased (Presumably)
Cause of death: Starvation (Presumably)

Clifton was a British Army private and a soldier under Major Henry West's command, who survived the Forty-Second Blockade's destruction and retreated to the Worsley House with West and eight other surviving soldiers. Like the majority of the soldiers, he was copasetic with Major West's plan to force female survivors Hannah and Selena into sexual slavery as part of a repopulation plan, which indirectly led to him being infected as the soldiers were wiped out by an infected Mailer.



Clifton was among the many soldiers led by Major Henry West sent to defend the city of Manchester from the Infected during the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus. The Infected eventually overran the Forty-Second Blockade, killing or infecting all the soldiers except Clifton, Major West and eight others. The surviving soldiers abandoned their post at the blockade and fled to the Worsley House in the woods, where they fortified against recurring attacks by the Infected using military traps, barbed wire and firepower.

On Day 23 of the outbreak, Major Henry West promised his soldiers that any female survivors they rescued would be forced into sexual slavery to rebuild and repopulate what they believed to be the destruction of civilisation.

28 Days Later[]

Thirty-one days into the outbreak, Jim, Selena and Hannah arrived at the Worsley House and were taken in by Major West. On the same day, Clifton was atop the survivors' taxi as it was being tauntingly driven by another soldier in circles around Jones.

The following night, Clifton was present at the dinner among the soldiers and new survivors, singing with the other soldiers at the dinner table and cheering when West arrived. Henry then removed Clifton's hat, which he quickly put back on (showing his fondness of it). The dinner was interrupted when the Infected attacked in the night, prompting all the soldiers except West to move out to fight off the attack. Clifton participated using his L85A1 assault rifle against the infected. Immediately afterwards, Clifton was present when Mitchell tried to force himself on Selena, and when West arrived and got his men back in line (only after Farrell had subdued Mitchell and been reprimanded by the major for it), Clifton handed Selena's machete to West to be returned to her.

When Jim learned minutes afterwards from West of the soldiers' ulterior plans for the female survivors, and unsuccessfully attempted to flee the mansion with them, Clifton was present with West's other men as they prevented a disgusted Farrell from helping the trio escape. When Farrell was cornered, Clifton proceeded to disarm him and beat him up with the other soldiers.

The next day, Clifton was present with his fellow men while West was casually explaining to Hannah and Selena what would happen next and ordered his men to pick out dresses for the women from the mansion's wardrobe. Clifton forcefully stripped Selena with Bedford while a restrained Hannah had to watch, until Selena ran up to and roughly kissed him, then persuaded Clifton to take the other soldiers out of the room and give them privacy to dress. A hesitant Clifton complied, but moments after leaving the room, he caught Selena giving Hannah sleeping pills to make the rape less traumatic for the latter, and rushed to stop and restrain Selena. Before Clifton could do anything further, the blockade siren was sounded to everyone's surprise, prompting Clifton to harshly order Selena to stay with Hannah and put on the dresses, before he left with the other bewildered soldiers.


Infected Clifton.

The following night, Clifton, Jones and (initially) Mitchell guarded a dressed Selena and Hannah in the Worsley House's living room, while Major West and Private Davis were searching at the blockade for Jim. Clifton was amused when Hannah, intoxicated by the sleeping pills, asked if Jones would be the commanding officer if Henry and Davis had died while gone. Moments later, Clifton turned around to see a freed Mailer outside the window behind him, before the infected soldier broke through and tackled Clifton. Clifton screamed to an ineffectual Jones to help him, until Mailer vomited blood directly into Clifton's face, and Mailer subsequently chased Jones out of the room - Clifton, weakly spasming on the floor, became infected almost immediately.

Rampaging through the Worsley House, the infected Clifton caught Bedford by surprise in the cellar eatery, tackling him from the right as he'd been about to shoot Mailer. The two Infected promptly dragged Bedford onto the eatery table, breaking his neck and brutally mauling him to death, before quickly disappearing in search of other uninfected. After Jim entered the Worsley House, Clifton and Mailer nearly caught him before he escaped them through a switching wall. Clifton soon entered the bathroom where Selena and Hannah had been forced to change in the day. He approached the bathroom mirror upon seeing his reflection, almost finding Hannah who was hiding behind the mirror, before leaving in search of victims again. Clifton and Mailer both soon tried to break into the house's barricaded nursery - Jim escaped through a window just as the two Infected entered, finding Bell cowering at the wall with no ammunition, and promptly attacking and mauling Bell.

Clifton was not seen again after this. His fate is unknown, but the infected soldier had most likely died by the time of the Second Outbreak in London, due to starvation if not by some other cause.


Clifton, like most of Major Henry West's soldiers, did not object to West's plan to force Hannah and Selena into sexual slavery when female survivors finally arrived. He was mostly quiet and kept to himself, like Farrell. Despite not going against Major West's plan for the women, Clifton was not as sadistic as Mitchell or Bedford; expressing a small pang of remorse when looking towards Hannah and considering the traumatic ordeal the teenager would endure, though he still cruelly taunted Selena with mock kissing sounds the following night.

After being infected, Clifton took on the traits of a regular Infected; losing his higher mental functions, and being full of rabid rage and single-mindedly driven to seek out and attack any uninfected, including but not limited to his former comrades. He did not appear to be as smart as Mailer.


  • In an alternate scene, the infected Clifton spotted and charged Major West in the mansion's front hall upon the latter's return, prompting West to shoot him dead in self-defence.
  • It is rumoured that according to the extras of the 28 Days Later DVD, Clifton was Major West's favourite soldier.
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