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This article's title is a nickname, based upon conjecture or similar evidence. The correct title is unknown.
Portrayed by: Beans El-Balawi
Appearance(s): 28 Weeks Later
Nationality: British
Category: Either Infected or Killed

Cause of Infection: Killed or Infected by the Infected that broke into the room that Alice and he were in.

Status: Deceased (Presumably)
Cause of death: Killed by the Infected or Starvation (Presumably)

The Boy from Sandford was a survivor of the Rage Virus who was unintentionally responsible for leading the Infected to Geoff and Sally's farm.


This boy lived in Sandford with his mother and father. During the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus, the Infection spread in the village and the boy's parents were infected.

28 Weeks Later[]

The boy retreated several miles downriver to Geoff and Sally's farm, pursued by a horde of Infected which included his parents. The boy was let into the reinforced cottage by the survivors, and told them about the Infected pursuing him and the attack on Sandford. Moments later, the Infected which had chased him from Sandford attacked the cottage and broke in.

The terrified boy fled upstairs, followed by Alice Harris, and tried to hide in a bedroom closet. Just as Alice found the boy, the Infected broke into the room and Don abandoned the two to die. Alice and the boy then barricaded themselves in another room, but the Infected quickly broke in and attacked them, infecting Alice (who proved to be a Carrier). The boy was presumably either infected or outright killed; if the former is so, he mostly likely died of starvation or some other cause, before the Second Outbreak occurred over twenty-eight weeks following the first.



The boy after being infected.

  • In the DVD trailer, the boy was shown as an Infected.
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