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28 Days Later is a British post-apocalyptic horror franchise which consists of two films, a graphic novel, and a comic book series. It revolves around the survivors of Rage - a fictional, bloodborne, highly contagious disease which turns its hosts into vicious, raging killers within seconds of infection - after the disease has decimated Great Britain.

The original film was directed by Danny Boyle and written by Alex Garland, and was a critical and commercial success. Following the film's success, a 2007 sequel, 28 Weeks Later, directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, was made; like the previous film, it also garnered generally positive reaction from critics, and was a box office success. 28 Days Later also spawned a graphic novel called 28 Days Later: The Aftermath, which expanded on the origins of the Rage virus and the timeline of the outbreak; and a 2009-2011 comic book series of the same name, which continued the story of, and expanded on the backstory of, one of the main characters of the first film.


Two Cambridge University scientists named Clive and Warren were hired by an unknown company to develop an anger inhibitor that could end domestic and urban rage worldwide. At first, they experimented on volunteers from the university, but as Cambridge University students obviously didn't have uncontrollable rage, Warren decided it was a waste of time.

Warren was able to get a contact at a police station and secure a violent criminal to test the inhibitor on. However, the injections of the inhibitor were too diluted, so Warren increased the dosage. The criminal broke free and attacked Clive and Warren, forcing Warren to kill him. Warren then decided that they should test the inhibitor on chimpanzees, as Clive had been suggesting all along. While Clive and Warren were burying the criminal at dawn, Clive sneezed, giving Warren an idea. They had decided that delivering widespread with a pill or an aerosol wouldn't do, so Warren decided to use the Ebola Virus as a delivery system.

Using this new delivery system, Clive and Warren exposed several chimpanzees to the inhibitor. However, some of the Ebola genomes that Clive and Warren had attempted to isolate reacted to the inhibitor, and the contagion and inhibitor mutated into the Rage Virus. Clive was so disgusted by this that he quit, and informed the Animal Freedom Front of the experimentation on chimps before shooting himself. Clive survived this suicide attempt and was taken to hospital, but was left comatose (28 Days Later: The Aftermath). At around the same time, a bicycle courier in London, named Jim, was hit by a car while delivering a package to Shaftsbury Avenue, and taken to hospital, where he slipped into a coma (28 Days Later (film)).

Three members of the AFF then arrived at the Cambridge Primate Research Centre, where the infected chimps were being kept, to free them. A scientist tried to warn the activists about the Infection, but they didn't listen, and released one of the chimps. The chimp attacked and infected one of the activists, before another activist killed it. The infected activist then infected the other activists and the scientist (28 Days Later (film)). Another chimp was then able to escape, and infect Warren when the latter came to investigate (28 Days Later: The Aftermath).

At around this time, Tammy and Andy Harris were sent by their parents, Don and Alice Harris, to Spain on a school trip (28 Weeks Later).

The Infected were then able to escape into Cambridge and began spreading the Infection. The media initially thought of the Infected's rampage as rioting, but as it was happening in small towns and villages around Cambridge, this was discredited (28 Days Later (film)). During this time, the day after the Rage Virus first broke out in Cambridge, an infected chimp from the Primate Research Facility attacked and infected a boy called Liam in Cherry Hinton Hall while Liam and his family were having a picnic there. When Sid, Liam's brother, and their father, Roger, saw this, the two brutally beat the chimp to death, while three nearby paramedics tended to the infected Liam.

As Cambridge was suffering major backup due to the effects of the Rage Virus, the paramedics decided to take the infected Liam to a hospital in London, with Liam's family following. However, on the way to the hospital, Liam broke free and infected two of the paramedics, who then killed the other paramedic. Liam's family, meanwhile, were forced to flee, and hid in an old house from the rapidly spreading Infection. (28 Days Later: The Aftermath)

By Day 8, the Rage Virus became an epidemic, and chaos erupted as Infection was confirmed throughout mainland Britain. The Prime Minister declared a state of emergency and martial law was imposed, although this did little to slow the spread of the Infection (28 Days Later: The Aftermath). Basic services began to fail throughout London and presumably the rest of Britain. It was also presumably during this time that Jim's parents committed suicide via drug overdose (28 Days Later (film)). Approximately one or two days later, Sid, Sophie, Roger and Barbara arrived at King's Cross Station, trying to escape the country, only to find the station being completely overrun by the virus. (28 Days Later: The Aftermath)

It was also on around or after Day 8 that the Infected breached the military blockades protecting London and entered the city, prompting the remaining uninfected populance of Britain to try and evacuate the country (28 Days Later (film), 28 Days Later: The Aftermath). Selena, a chemist in London, fled from the Infected back to her home as the Infected rampaged through London, and there, her husband David began packing their blongings so they could leave Britain. Just then, an Infected broke into the house and bit and infected David before the latter killed it. Now infected with Rage himself, David attacked Selena, forcing her to kill him by impaling him on a pole to a wall in self-defence. Selena's neighbour, Kirk, then came, gave Selena a machete to defend herself with, and told her to survive for David. (28 Days Later (comic series))

During the attempted evacuation, Mark and his family, along with 20,000 other people, arrived at Paddington Station, hoping to escape the country on a train from there. However, the Rage Virus began to spread quickly through the crowd, infecting or killing many of the people except for Mark (28 Days Later (film)). UN refugee camps were opened in Europe, and Britain was patrolled by several European militaries and air forces (28 Days Later (film), 28 Weeks Later, 28 Days Later: The Aftermath).

Fourteen or less days after the Rage Virus broke out in Cambridge, Sid, Sophie, Roger and Barbara entered Central London to find Parliament abandoned and the military checkpoints overrun by the Infected. While Sid and Sophie escaped up the Thames, Roger and Barbara sacrificed themselves and stayed behind on the London Bridge to stop the Infected from following Sid and Sophie. At around the same time, the comatose Clive was taken to a military camp (28 Days Later: The Aftermath), and Don and Alice Harris arrived at Geoff and Sally’s farm outside of London. Geoff and Sally took Don and Alice in, along with Jacob and Karen. They also took in Sam, who left and abandoned them at around this time (28 Weeks Later).

On Day 15, the government tried to evacuate as many citizens as they could (including Mrs. Baker); (28 Days Later: The Aftermath) by this time, news of the outbreak in Britain had reached the United States, and the Centre for Disease Control began sending scientists to London to assist in the search for a cure to Infection. (28 Days Later (comic series))

On Day 15, when American reporter and war correspondant Clint Harris was informed by his editor, Eliott Muniz, of the outbreak, he decided to go into London to investigate the origins of the Rage Virus. He found his good friend and colleague, Derrick, at a pub, and convinced him to come with him to Britain. They went to JFK Airport (in time to witness the mass paranoia of Infection reaching America cause a stampede) and boarded a plane for Stansted (28 Days Later (comic series)). While the plane was travelling across the Atlantic Ocean, mainland Britain was quarantined by NATO and the UN (28 Weeks Later, 28 Days Later (comic series)), and the plane was diverted to Frankfurt in Germany and a research facility (which experimented on criminals with the Rage Virus) was opened in Newport on the Isle of Wight by the US military (28 Days Later (comic series)). Some time after this, Sid and Sophie arrived at the same quarantine camp where Clive was. (28 Days Later: The Aftermath)

At around the same time, London was overrun by the Infected, and most of the uninfected survivors fled the city (except for Hugh Baker, Mark and Selena, who stayed behind to fight and try and kill as many Infected in the city as possible) (28 Days Later (film), 28 Days Later: The Aftermath). During around this time, Sandford was attacked by the Infection and overrun, except for a Refugee Boy who escaped to Geoff and Sally’s farm, followed by the infected villagers. The Infected then attacked and broke into the cottage, infecting Geoff, Sally, Jacob, Karen and the boy while Don abandoned Alice and escaped the infected hordes downriver. Alice, meanwhile, was bitten and, due to a natural immunity to the symptoms of Infection, became an asymptomatic carrier of the Rage Virus. She returned to her and Don’s old London home and held out there, while Don arrived at a quarantine camp, where he remained. (28 Weeks Later)

Around three days after Britain was quarantined, the military blockades surrounding Manchester were attacked and overwhelmed by the Infected, who then overran the city, prompting the survivors there to start fire storms which, without any fire crews to stop the blaze, engulfed the entire city. The fires drove the Infected out of the city, but this also left the surrounding countryside infested with the Infected that had escaped the blaze. Major Henry West and nine other surviving soldiers under his command escaped to the Worsley House (a mansion in the woods outside of Manchester) and fortified it against attacks by the Infected with landmines (28 Days Later (film), 28 Days Later (comic series)). On Day 23, when West found Private Jones with a gun in his mouth, he promised his men that any female survivors they found would be forced into sexual servitude. (28 Days Later (film))

At some point during or after the outbreak, towns and cities in Scotland such as Halkirk and Inverness were overrun, while others such as Edinburgh and Glasgow survived (with the former surviving city being taken over by Dixon and Minnie) and were locked in a constant war over Edinburgh's resources. (28 Days Later (comic series))

By Day 28 of the outbreak, the United Kingdom had been fully destroyed by the Rage Virus, and no organized society or civilization remained in mainland Britain. On this day, Jim awoke from his coma, and wandered a desolate London, shocked at the sight of what had happened while he was in a coma. Eventually, as night closed in, Jim entered a church and accidentally alerted several Infected inside, who chased him through London. Mark and Selena arrived and killed the Infected with cocktails, then took Jim to their hideout in the London Underground.

There, the two explained what had happened while Jim was comatose, and the next day, Jim, Mark and Selena travelled across London to Jim’s home to find his parents, but only found their rotting corpses in the bedroom. They spent the night at the house, but Jim accidentally attracted the infected Bridges and his daughter. Mark and Selena killed the two Infected, but not before Mark was bitten and infected, forcing Selena to kill him. Jim and Selena then left and returned to the Isle of Dogs, where they noticed lights flashing in Frank and Hannah’s apartment. They reached the apartment, pursued by two Infected, where they were greeted and taken in by Frank and Hannah. The next day, as resources were dwindling, they followed a broadcast sent by West from the Worsley House and travelled to the 42nd blockade outside of Manchester.

After a day, Jim, Hannah, Frank and Selena reached the abandoned blockade, where Frank was infected by blood from a soldier’s corpse and gunned down by West’s men, who then took the remaining three to Worsley House, where West warmly welcomed them. The following night, after the soldiers fended off an attack by the Infected, one of them, Corporal Mitchell, tried to force himself on Selena. West then confessed to Jim that he had promised Hannah and Selena to his men. Jim, Hannah and Selena tried to escape with Sergeant Farrell’s help, but were stopped by the other soldiers, and Jim and Farrell were chained up in the cellar to be executed the next morning. There, Farrell theorized correctly to Jim that the Rage Virus had been confined to Britain, and that the rest of the world was continuing on as normal (28 Days Later (film)).

On around the same night, back in London, Hugh Baker met another survivor, who was rogue and hostile, and declared war on him over control of the ruins of London. Hugh was able to defeat the Hunter by dropping perfume on him, which attracted a large horde of Infected that tore the Hunter to shreds. Moments later, three American jets patrolling the British airspace flew by overhead. Hugh, in his confusion over what he was seeing, shot at them, and was thus captured by US military personnel (28 Days Later: The Aftermath).

The next day, back at Worsley House, Jones and Mitchell took Jim and Farrell out into the woods to be executed, and while Jones killed Farrell, Jim escaped into the woods. Back at the house, the soldiers forced Hannah and Selena to wear red dresses, when Jim sounded the blockade siren. West and Davis went to the blockade to find Jim and turn off the siren before it attracted any Infected. Jim was able to kill Davis and sabotage the jeep West and Davis arrived in, then returned to the Worsley House as dusk approached. There, Jim freed Mailer (an infected soldier that West was keeping chained up in the courtyard for observation) and allowed Mailer to rampage through the mansion, infecting Clifton. Jim entered the mansion, killing Jones, one of the soldiers, with a bayonet, and going off to find Hannah and Selena. Meanwhile, Hannah, Mitchell and Selena were able to avoid the infected Mailer and Clifton while the two Infected killed the rest of the soldiers one by one.

Hannah separated from Selena and Mitchell, and Mitchell locked himself and Selena in a room from the Infected. Temporarily safe from the danger, Mitchell prepared to rape Selena, causing Jim, who was observing the scene from the attic, to jump down and brutally beat Mitchell to death. Selena, thinking Jim was infected due to what he had just done, prepared to kill him with her machete. When she hesitated, Jim noted this, and the two kissed. They then reunited with Hannah and fled from the mansion into the grounds, to Frank’s taxi, where West was waiting. Enraged over the deaths of his men, West shot Jim, prompting Hannah to drive the taxi backwards into the pursuing Mailer, who proceeded to drag West from the back of the taxi, into the mansion and maul him to death. A wounded Jim, Hannah and Selena then escaped the overrun Worsley House in the taxi.

Hannah and Selena took a dying Jim to an abandoned hospital, where Selena was able to revive him. The three then went to a remote cottage in the countryside (28 Days Later (film)). Meanwhile, over the next few weeks, most of the Infected throughout the country gradually became weaker and weaker from starvation. (28 Days Later (film), 28 Days Later: The Aftermath)

Around nine – eleven days after the escape from the Worsley House, Clive awoke from his coma, and Hugh was taken to the quarantine camp where Clive, Sid and Sophie were. After trying violently to escape the camp, Hugh was put into isolation. Sid noticed the commotion and upon seeing Hugh, he recognized him from London. Meanwhile, Clive tried to tell Sophie, who was looking after him, how he had helped develop the Rage Virus, but decided against it, and simply told her what he knew about the virus.

The next night, Sid, Sophie, Hugh and Clive, believing they were not safe in the camp, devised a plan to escape. Impersonating some of the camp’s guards, they escaped into the woods, but Sid and Hugh were gunned down and killed. Once Clive and Sophie were temporarily safe from the pursuing military, Clive confessed to Sophie how he was directly involved in the development of the Rage Virus. Sophie, upon realizing that Clive was responsible for all the death and suffering the Rage Virus had caused, kissed him, then shot him in the head. Sophie stood over Clive’s corpse as a military helicopter gunned her down and killed her (28 Days Later: The Aftermath).

Twenty-eight days after Jim, Hannah and Selena escaped the Worsley House, most of the Infected had become so weak from starvation that they were now immobile. On that day, Selena sewed five large letters to spell "Hello", and the three placed them outside in the field for the European and American air forces patrolling British air space to see. A Finnish jet saw the message and ordered a rescue helicopter to be sent to pick up the three survivors (28 Days Later (film)). Jim, Hannah and Selena were rescued some time later and taken to France, and were remembered as the "Manchester Three". The trio were then separated: Jim was arrested and scheduled to be shot for the deaths of Major Henry West and his men, Hannah was taken into German foster care, and Selena was sent to the Bergen Refugee Camp in Norway. When Captain Stiles (a former officer in the British Army and good friends with the late Major West) heard that Jim, Hannah and Selena were responsible for his friend's death, and that Hannah and Selena were not being sentenced for it, he was driven insane and seeked revenge on the two. (28 Days Later (comic series))

Meanwhile, Clint Harris and Derrick made their way from Germany to Berck, France, where they met up with Clint's old friend, Major Sanders. Sanders told the two what he knew about the Infection, and that a US-led NATO force would soon enter and repatriate London, then took them to the military research facility on the Isle of Wight to see captured Iraqi insurgent Ahmed Karzaii being infected with the Rage Virus as an experiment. Moments later, the scientist performing the experiment fell and landed on a syringe containing a sample of Rage, forcing Sanders to beat him to death then send Clint and Derrick back to France. There, Clint and Derrick discussed going to London, and when Clint saw a newspaper about the "Manchester Three", he decided to go to one of them to guide them through infected Britain to London. (28 Days Later (comic series))

Sixty-three days after the Rage Virus was released, most of the Infected in England died of starvation (28 Weeks Later), although, apparently unbeknownst to most of the US military and outside world, a few still remained in northern England, and there were still many Infected in Scotland who had not yet starved to death as they had been infected more recently (28 Days Later (comic series)). Another six weeks after that, a NATO force led by the US Army entered London (28 Weeks Later), and at around this time, the Rage Virus spread from mainland Britain to the Shetland Islands. Thus, the US military who patrolled Britain's airspace quarantined the Islands and apparently covered up the outbreak there. (28 Days Later (comic series))

Eighteen weeks (About 4 and a 1/2 months) after the initial outbreak in mainland Britain, the NATO force in London (believing that all of the Infected in the mainland had starved to death five weeks after the initial outbreak) declared mainland Britain free of Infection (28 Weeks Later, 28 Days Later (comic series)). At some point, survivor Kate became the leader of a small group of survivors stationed at her house in northern Scotland. When resources became scarce, she sent many of her group's members to the nearby town of Halkirk in search of resources (including her husband and her son, Douglas) in search of food, but the Infected in Halkirk either infected, killed or trapped all of them there. There was also an American black operation in Scotland to try and modify and weaponize the Rage Virus. (28 Days Later (comic series))

Another six weeks later, reconstruction began, and the US Army began to repopulate London with refugees and new residents on the Isle of Dogs while the US Army’s forces decontaminated the rest of London and patrolled other parts of England. Don Harris was also released from quarantine, and became the caretaker of District 1 (the safe zone on the Isle of Dogs). (28 Weeks Later)

At around this time, Clint Harris travelled to the Bergen Refugee Camp and asked Selena to act as a guide for him and his team. At first, Selena refused, but then she remembered when she was happy with David, and decided to go after all so she could confront the memories of her past. She met with Clint at his helicopter, and Randall flew the team towards the Shetland Islands (unaware that the islands were infected) so that Captain Harlan could pick them up from Sumburgh via boat and take them past a weak point in the quarantine to mainland Scotland. However, the US military protecting the quarantine of the Shetland Islands tried to force Randall to turn round, forcing him to land the group nine miles from Sumburgh. When two Infected attacked Hirsch before Selena killed them, the group realised that the island was infected, and took cover in a hotel.

Selena and Derrick went out into the hotel's car park, which was swarming with Infected, and Derrick hotwired a van while Selena held the Infected off. Back in the hotel, meanwhile, Hirsch and Trina went off in search of weapons, and found an elevator shaft filled with Infected. When Hirsch accidentally disturbed the Infected, he and Trina ran back to the group at the front of the hotel, chased by the Infected. The group narrowly escaped in the van Derrick had hotwired to Sumburgh, where they decided to hold up in a pub for the night until Harlan's boat arrived.

The group played Texas Hold'em poker until an Infected broke in and bit and infected Hirsch, forcing Selena to kill both the Infected and Hirsch. She then had the horrified group barricade the pub against more oncoming Infected. Trina, meanwhile, was devastated by Hirsch's death, and, blaming Selena, developed a psychotic obsession with getting revenge on her. When more Infected came and attacked the pub, the group were able to fend off the first wave, but, in the chaos, Trina bit Selena to try and frame her as infected. However, Selena proved that she wasn't infected and then angrily warned Trina against trying that again. Harlan's boat then arrived and the group narrowly escaped from the pub to the boat, using cocktails to kill the pursuing Infected.

On the way to Scotland, Harlan was able to get the boat past the US Navy who were protecting the quarantine, but on the way to the shore, an American jet came and blew up the boat, killing everyone aboard except for Clint, Selena and Derrick (with the latter being blinded by the explosion). The remaining trio swam to shore and set up camp as night fell. When Selena found that Derrick's blindness was permanent, she discussed what to do with him with Clint. Selena wanted to kill Derrick as he would slow them down due to his blindness, but Clint refused to allow Selena to do it.

The next day, Clint, Selena and Derrick were attacked and chased by two Infected before Selena killed them, and took refuge in an abandoned, secluded house for the night. There, Derrick suddenly fell sick from an infection in his wounds, and Selena and Clint used cold medicine to keep the fever down. Selena again tried to get Clint to euthanize Derrick, but Clint refused and decided that they should search for antibiotics before Derrick's wounds went septic. The next day, Clint, Derrick and Selena travelled to a deserted village to hotwire a van and use it to drive to Halkirk. However, Clint was unable to hotwire the van, and it would be half a day's journey back to the house, so the group decided to take refuge in the back of the van for the night.

That night, a horde of Infected came and wrecked the van. The next morning, Clint tried again to hotwire the van, this time with success. They drove towards Halkirk, but were stopped by three survivors from Kate's house, led by Gordon, who were scavenging for resources. After Clint and Selena proved that they weren't infected and requested aid for Derrick, Gordon took them back to Kate's house to talk to her. At first, Kate refused to give Derrick any aid, but then decided to take Derrick in and tricked Clint and Selena into going to Halkirk to rescue Douglas, telling them that that was where they would find aid for Derrick. When Clint and Selena arrived in Halkirk and met Douglas, they realised that they had been tricked. Night then fell and hordes of Infected came and attacked them. Clint, Selena and Douglas travelled to Halkirk's chemist's shop (avoiding the Infected in the streets by travelling along building rooftops). The trio took what they needed for Derrick's wounds, then left Halkirk, escaping the Infected by swimming across a river.

Meanwhile, Kate contemplated killing Derrick for Clint and Selena's failure to return with Douglas, before Cameron talked her out of it. Eventually, Clint and Selena returned with Douglas, and gave Derrick the antibiotics he needed. By the next day, Derrick made a full recovery, and Clint, Selena and Derrick decided to resume their journey to London. Douglas also convinced a reluctant Selena to let him come with them (as he refused to stay with Kate, whom he blamed for his father's death). As Clint, Selena, Douglas and Derrick began to travel south, they narrowly avoided being found by a CIA squad led by Captain Stiles, who disabled their vehicle to slow them down. With their car disabled, the four were forced to continue on foot. After they avoided a squad of Black Ops soldiers who were part of the operation to weaponize the Infection, they took refuge in a secluded hut in the woods for the night. Meanwhile, when the Black Ops soldiers were unable to capture enough Infected to bring back to their camp for their experiments, their leader, Al, decided to initiate Zimmer's plan to burn the Infected out by setting the forests on fire.

The fires forced Clint, Selena, Douglas and Derrick to flee through the woods from both the fire and the Infected fleeing it, until they were found and captured by Al, who took them back to the Black Ops personnel's camp with hundreds of captured Infected. There, the four were detained, and once their blood tests confirmed that they were not Carriers, Dr. Billingsworth had Selena brought to him to be injected with the Rage Virus as an experiment. However, at the last minute, Al mentioned Selena's name, and Billingsworth, realising that she was the one Captain Stiles was after, called Stiles and had Douglas infected instead, in front of a horrified Selena. Billingsworth had the infected Douglas kept alive for observation, and then had Selena put back in detainment until Captain Stiles arrived for her.

Meanwhile, the forest fire Zimmer caused went out of control and began to spread towards the camp, forcing the camp to prepare to evacuate. In the meantime, Dr. Billingsworth decided to perform one last experiment, and had a soldier go to bring Clint and Derrick to him to be infected. However, the trio were able to overpower and kill the soldier, and while Clint and Derrick went to the edge of the camp, Selena went back to Billingsworth's lab. At the lab, Selena gave the infected Douglas a mercy killing, then infected Al and Billingsworth using Douglas's blood. After killing the infected Al, Selena took her machete back from him and left the infected Billingsworth trapped in the lab to rage and die as vengeance for Douglas's fate. She then released the captive Infected onto the remaining personnel, and met up with Clint and Derrick and escaped the camp in a Humvee. The remaining personnel, meanwhile, tried to evacuate via helicopter, but were attacked and massacred by the released Infected.

The next day, Clint, Selena and Derrick abandoned the Humvee, and Clint found a sportscar which the trio decided to use to continue to London. However, while they were driving south, they lost the sportscar when it fell down a collapsed bridge, and so continued on foot. They arrived in Inverness and decided to commandee a train from there, unaware that the train was swarming with Infected. While Clint and Derrick started the train, the Infected attacked Selena, butshe was able to lock them out of the train's front passenger cart. Derrick stayed behind in the cart to separate it from the driving cart Clint and Selena were in, and was killed by the Infected when they broke into the cart.

Clint and Selena later abandoned the train when in reached Edinburgh, and found signs in the city that there were other survivors there. They were eventually attacked in the streets by survivors Paul and Angus, but were able to overpower and escape them. However, they were then captured by a band of other survivors led by Raj, who took them to see Dixon and Minnie. Dixon and Minnie took their gun, their vitamins, and Selena's earrings to pay for the alcohol the two drank at a tavern, and Dixon then had Selena be put in the Mannequin for the night as punishment for breaking Paul's arm, while Clint was taken in by Raj in the meantime. While Selena waited in the Mannequin, surrounded by Infected, until dawn, Clint explained his and Selena's story to Raj, and that the rest of the world was continuing normally.

Meanwhile, a group of Glaswegians raided Edinburgh, and cut Selena free. While a battle ensued between the peoples of Edinburgh and Glasgow, Selena took back her earrings from Minnie and reunited with Clint, and the two left Edinburgh, leaving it and Glasgow to fight to the death. Clint and Selena continued south, across the English border, until their car ran out of fuel in rural northern England, forcing them to continue on foot. They took a pickup truck from a farmhouse, and used it to drive to a deserted village, where they took refuge in a house for the night. Unbeknownst to Clint or Selena, Stiles followed them to the town and took the keys to their pickup while they slept in the house.

The next day, when Selena suspected that she and Clint were being watched and found the keys to the pickup gone, they waited until nightfall for the hunter to show himself, while Stiles waited in a house for any sign of the two. When Clint and Selena saw Stiles in the house's window, they set a TV on fire and used the light from the burning TV as a decoy. Stiles fell for the ploy, and while he was investigating the light, Clint and Selena stole his car and fled the town in it. Stiles gave chase in his Hummer and shot Clint in the arm before Clint shot at Stiles' Hummer's tires, ending the chase and Stiles down. The next day, Selena took Clint to an abandoned's medic's in Cumbria, pursued by Stiles, to treat his wounds. Clint and Selena were then found by Sergeant Luis Rodriguez and his small squad, who planned to take the two to District 1. However, Stiles then arrived and murdered Luis and his squad, forcing Clint and Selena to take cover in a nearby building.

Clint devised a plan, and while Selena ran out into the open, drawing Stiles away from his Hummer, Clint stole it. After Selena evaded Stiles by hiding amongst dead Infected, Clint picked her up in Stiles' Hummer, and the two drove in it to a dock as night fell. Stiles followed the two to the dock, and aboard a boat which Clint and Selena slept in for the night. Stiles forced Clint to jump overboard, then took the boat back to the dock (unaware that Clint was clinging onto the boat's side). While Stiles took Selena hostage and travelled with her to Manchester, Clint climbed onto the dock and passed out. The next morning, a small military squad led by Dog found Clint and at first accused him of massacring Sergeant Rodriguez's squad. Clint explained his and Selena's encounters with Captain Stiles, and the squad decided to go to Manchester to find Selena and Stiles in order to prove Clint was telling the truth.

Meanwhile, Stiles and Selena travelled through the scorched ruins of Manchester, avoiding Dog's squad, to the Worsley House where Major Henry West and his men died. Stiles forced Selena to take him to Major West's decomposing corpse and tell him how he died, before Selena broke free and used Major West's dog tags to trick Stiles into stepping on one of the landmines on the mansion lawn. Clint and Dog's squad then arrived and Dog took Clint and Selena to London. There, the two were admitted into District 1, and began to settle into a quiet, peaceful life. Clint also met and befriended Charles and Janice, survivors of the initial outbreak, and contacted his editor, Eliott to send his story to him. (28 Days Later (comic series))

Twenty-eight weeks (About 6 months) after the Rage Virus originally broke out (a couple of days after Clint and Selena came to London), Tammy and Andy Harris were taken into the green zone (to the frustration of chief medical officer Scarlet Levy, who had not been informed that they were now admitting children), and were reunited with their father, Don. Don took them to live at his apartment, but when they asked him about Alice, their mother, he told them that he saw the Infected kill her when the cottage was attacked thirty weeks earlier, during the original outbreak of Rage. As Andy feared that he would forget his mother’s face, he and Tammy decided to sneak out of District 1 and to their old London home (28 Weeks Later). Selena, feeling that she needed to eturn to her and David's old home, also decided to sneak out of the safe zone (28 Days Later (comic series)). The next morning, Tammy, Andy and Selena snuck out of District 1, and while Tammy and Andy travelled across the city to their old home, Selena travelled to her and David's (28 Weeks Later, 28 Days Later (comic series)). However, rooftop sniper Sergeant Doyle noticed Tammy and Andy leave, and alerted helicopter pilot Flynn, his good friend.

At the Harrises’ old house, Tammy and Andy took several belongings, including a photo of Alice and Andy together, when Andy found Alice living in the home’s attic. However, before the children could properly reunite with their mother, armed forces from District 1, including Flynn, arrived and took them back to District 1 (28 Weeks Later). Selena, meanwhile, returned to her old home, where she found David's decomposed corpse and buried it in their backyard, along with the earrings and necklace he gave her. She then set their house on fire and left. (28 Days Later (comic series))

Back in District 1, while Tammy and Andy were detained, Alice was decontaminated, and while Scarlet was taking a blood sample, she noticed a bite wound on Alice’s arm (which she presumably received from an Infected during the attack on the cottage, and presumably the one through which she became a carrier of the Rage Virus). Don came to the isolation cell to pick up Tammy and Andy, who were furious at him for lying to them about their mother’s fate.

That night, Scarlet examined a blood sample from Alice, and when she realised from it that she was a carrier of the Rage Virus, Stone ordered that Alice be killed to prevent a Second Outbreak of the Infection. Meanwhile, Don made an unauthorized visit to Alice, and apologized to her for abandoning her. Though Alice forgave Don, the two then kissed, and Don was infected with the Rage Virus by Alice’s saliva. After brutally beating Alice to death, the infected Don went on a rampage in District 1, infecting or killing everyone he came across. Stone and his men arrived to kill Alice, but found her already killed by Don, and a path of blood and death left in Don’s wake. Realising that the Rage Virus was back, Stone executed Code Red. When the Infection, which was rapidly spreading through District 1, reached the detainment where Tammy and Andy were, Scarlet arrived to rescue them while the US Army moved civilians into safe rooms (28 Weeks Later). Among the civilians were Clint Harris. (28 Days Later (comic series))

Andy was separated from Tammy and Scarlet and locked in a safe room along with a panicked crowd of other civilians (28 Weeks Later). After a while, the Infected broke into the safe rooms Andy and Clint were in, and began to infect the trapped crowds (28 Weeks Later, 28 Days Later (comic series)). As the Infection rapidly spread among the crowds, Andy escaped into an air shaft and the crowds, both infected and not infected, broke out of the safe room and escaped the building. Rooftop snipers were first ordered to shoot and kill only Infected, but as the Rage Virus spread among the remaining uninfected civilians, and it became harder to tell civilians from Infected, the snipers were ordered to shoot everyone. This forced Tammy and Scarlet to take shelter in a warehouse with dozens of other survivors, and Clint and Charles to hide in an alley after Janice was killed by a sniper. (28 Weeks Later, 28 Days Later (comic series))

Meanwhile, Doyle tried to comply with the Code Red order at first, but became unable to bring himself to kill the uninfected civilians. So after Andy emerged into the chaotic streets and reached the safety of the warehouse, Doyle abandoned his post and headed down to the warehouse. There, Andy reunited with Tammy and Scarlet, and the three, along with Sam and two other civilians, decided to try and escape with Doyle. The two unnamed survivors were killed by a rooftop sniper, but Tammy, Andy, Sam, Scarlet and Doyle were able to escape into the dilapidated ruins of London (28 Weeks Later). Meanwhile, Charles, heartbroken by Janice's death, allowed an Infected to kill him while Clint escaped, and just as the Infected was about to kill Clint, Selena arrived and killed it. Clint and Selena then ran to the Thames and hid in the water. (28 Days Later (comic series))

Seconds later, the Air Cavalry arrived and firebombed all of District 1, killing all of the civilians and Infected that were still there. However, a large number of Infected, including Don, were able to avoid and survive that firebombing, and also escaped into the wastelands of Britain, re-spreading the virus (28 Weeks Later, 28 Days Later (comic series)). While the US Army, having not given up yet, began venting chemical gas into London to kill the remaining Infected, Clint and Selena took refuge in a high rise building outside of the safe zone and waited for the gas to dissipate. Once the streets were safe again, the two travelled to the Thames and used a military boat to escape from there down the Thames and across the English Channel, to France, where they stayed for the next couple of days. (28 Days Later (comic series))

In London, the morning after District 1 was destroyed, as dawn came, Doyle, Tammy, Andy, Scarlet and Sam reached Regent's Park and waited to be rescued by Flynn. Flynn arrived at the park in his helicopter, but a large horde of the surviving Infected also arrived at the park, and attacked. Doyle tried to explain Tammy and Andy’s importance to Flynn, in that they may have their mother’s immunity to the Infection, but Flynn, Tammy, Doyle, Scarlet and Andy were all forced by the attacking Infected to flee the park. Flynn went to Wembley Stadium to rendezvous with Doyle there, while the four took shelter in an abandoned van from the Infected and the chemical gas being pumped into the city. After the gas killed the attacking Infected, Doyle pushed the van to get it going, and was subsequently killed by soldiers’ flamethrowers.

Shortly after, an air attack by the US Army forced Scarlet and the kids to flee into the London Underground, where Scarlet was attacked and killed by Don, and Tammy and Andy separated. Don came across Andy, and attacked and bit him before Tammy shot and killed the infected Don. Andy, meanwhile, became a Carrier of the Rage Virus like his mother, having inherited Alice’s immunity. Tammy and Andy then exited the Underground and made their way to Wembley Stadium, where Flynn reluctantly took them in his helicopter across the English Channel, into France. (28 Weeks Later)

The next day, Clint and Selena left Paris on a plane for New York, and at the same time, Flynn's helicopter crashed in or near Paris, forcing him, Tammy and Andy to abandon it. At around the same time, the Rage Virus appeared in Paris, having spread to mainland Europe, most likely through Andy. (28 Weeks Later, 28 Days Later (comic series))



28 Days Later[]

See main article: 28 Days Later (film)

A man named Jim wakes from a coma to find that Great Britain and possibly the world has been decimated by the Rage virus. He joins with three other survivors, Selena, Frank and Hannah, and the four set off on a journey in search of shelter.

28 Weeks Later[]

See main article: 28 Weeks Later

28 weeks after the Rage virus decimated and destroyed Great Britain, the US Army has restored order and is repatriating a secured area of the city of London. But when a carrier of the deadly Rage virus is taken into the security zone, she unknowingly ignites another outbreak of the Rage virus, and the deadly infection begins to spread once again.

Other media[]

28 Days Later: The Aftermath[]

See main article: 28 Days Later: The Aftermath

A collection of four stories, of how two scientists accidentally created the Rage virus, the struggle of a family to survive during the Rage outbreak, the story of a lone survivor who watches over the ruins of London in the aftermath of the outbreak, and of these characters' ultimate fates.

28 Days Later comics[]

See main article: 28 Days Later (comic series)

Months after she escaped the ruined Britain, Selena is approached by a team of American reporters who want her as a guide to get them to London. She takes them on a return to Great Britain, through infected territory on a journey to the city of London.

Future media[]

In March, 2007, Danny Boyle, the director of the first film, announced that he planned to create a third film in the series, called 28 Months Later (28 Years Later) with a 2013 (originally 2009) release date. Boyle stated that he planned to set the movie in Russia. It was also announced in June 2007 that if DVD sales of 28 Weeks Later did well enough, Fox Atomic would consider producing a third film.

Boyle revealed in July 2007, while promoting Sunshine, that he has a story formulating for the third film. "There is an idea for the next one, something which would move [the story] on. I've got to think about it, whether it's right or not." Boyle also revealed that he would return as the director. Alex Garland (the screenwriter of the first film), on the other hand, said in October 2010: "When we made 28 Days Later, the rights were frozen between a group of people who are no longer talking to each other. And so, the film is never going to happen unless those people start talking to each other again. There is no script as far as I'm aware."